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1973 charger rallye. U code


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May 14, 2009
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Picked up from long time friend.

FB_IMG_1548608955918.jpg FB_IMG_1548794196194.jpg FB_IMG_1548794220695.jpg FB_IMG_1548794206756.jpg FB_IMG_1548794283019.jpg FB_IMG_1548794277749.jpg FB_IMG_1548794290732.jpg FB_IMG_1548608929498.jpg FB_IMG_1548608946363.jpg FB_IMG_1548608938656.jpg
More information and pictures I had one exactly like this a few years back I had to part it out. Very rusty ! Yours looks nice
That one was years ago I do have spare parts hanging around what do you need ?
Fenders. 440 a/c brackets. Carpet black. Head liner Black .
I may have a driver side fender available I sold to a friend I'll see if he still has it but I'm in FL. The AC stuff I don't have the rest I'd just buy new it's cheap
Great car! Resto thread please!
Love those black and white checkerboard seats and alpine white. Looking forward to updates

Power bulge looks good too and nicely optioned.
Here I'm working on the leaks from firewall and heater box. There was a rust hole in lip for fresh air . And had some random holes drilled in firewall for oil line ro gauge. And some others I have no clue what previous owners was thinking . And my favorite was the seem was leaking and pouring water out into the throttle cable and on to drivers floor.

20190706_140306.jpg FB_IMG_1562459621187.jpg 20190708_200406.jpg 20190708_200415.jpg 20190708_200453.jpg 20190712_133125.jpg 20190712_133221.jpg 20190712_133125.jpg
Working on seats getting new cover from legendary. And center console restored .

20190704_234306.jpg 15635120591843473608456821486833.jpg