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70 B body 440 engine installation

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Aug 23, 2020
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Hey fellow Mopar lovers!

I am about ready to install my rebuilt 440 back into my Superbird. I have a lift and I plan to install it from underneath with the K frame and transmission (727 TF) as an assembly. I currently have both of the exhaust manifolds and the left stove pipe/heat shield installed on the engine. My tape measure seems to indicate that the engine assembly may be too wide to clear the inner fender wells without removing at least one exhaust manifold. Since the factory painted the engine with the manifolds on, and this was done before installation, it would seem that there is a process for installing it with the manifolds on. Like perhaps tilting the engine assembly when lowering the body down on it?

I have done this job on two 440 E bodies, but that was over 20 years ago.

Any pointers here?

Thanks in advance for any help....

PS. I did not remove the engine.
Leave the exhaust manifolds off if you are worried about hitting & scratching the paint. After intall, the dr side manifold goes right on. The pass side of the engine needs jacked up a little to install with no clearance issues.
The 440 as well as the Hemi were all installed from underneath originally. It will probably have very little clearance but should still have enough even with manifolds on. I'll post a link for K frame guide pins.
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I agree that is the way it was done at the factory it will clear if you are careful. I built a stand to support the engine trans and K-frame with wheels, so it is easy to maneuver and have enough room to get under the car as you are lowering the body to tighten bolts. I will have to say Graveyard cars shows this method almost every episode.
Use two nice size pieces of cardboard, one on each side of the engine to protect the shock towers.
The only other sticking point is the dipstick tube.
Slowly and carefully it will fit. If you have a concern, clazar makes a good suggestion, but you really don;t need to.
If you are lowering the engine in from the top, We found it easier to put the engine in with no exhaust manifolds on the block and with no transmission in the car.
The Op said that he was putting it in from below! He's just concerned that he's going to scuff the engine compartment.
It is tight with manifolds, but doable. Lowered RR <slowly> onto the 440, probably 1/2" or so clearance. Same with daughters 69 Charger RT. Use a couple helpers/spotters.
it's tight, but it'll go.....

that's what she said...

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