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bulb for 67 coronet wagon tailgate light


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Oct 28, 2020
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i fixed some broken wires in my tailgate yesterday and got the 2 lights in the taigate itself working.
they are the running lights that come on when the headlight switch is pulled.one bulb was burned out so i replaced it with an 1156(or 1157...whichever has one post)
it fit the socket perfectly.
i did the other side as well.
in the dark they are way too bright ...almost like my brakelights are on.
what bulb do i need?
1157 has two posts for the two circuits. 1156 is not correct.
The red lens should have an 1157 class bulb- one filament for the tail lights, and one for the brake lights/turn signal lights.
The white lens should have an 1156 class bulb for the back up lights.
i have the 1156 in there now,,the one i took out was a smaller bulb but the socket end was the same.the 1156 i put in is too bright.
it looks like my brake lights are on all the time.

for some reason i cant access that bulb fitment manual you directed me too.
remember this is a wago too.
I think OP is talking about the running light in the tailgate itself, not the fender tail light. I had one of these wagons myself. This light came with a single filament bulb. I converted this light to a dual filament bulb and ran a wire from the brake/turn signal circuit of the fender mounted tail light so this would light up with the other light. Just extra protection. The factory should have done this!




"Running light"?

Not sure my 67 Bell wagon has this.

I LOVE "Evil Dead II" but I didn't see a pic of those lights.
I did find one-


Apparently mine does NOT have those.


You are saying the red lenses on the tailgate have lights.

Interesting. I do believe they make dimmer bulbs than 1156.

Try an 1141.

From an RV site-

Here is a more technical answer
Both the 1156 and the 1141 are Single eliminate bulbs using a BA15s single contact base. The glass envelope is a S8 on both. So they are physical the same size and would use the same electrical socket.

The difference is in the element. The 1156 is a 12v 2.1 amp 26.9 watts unit with 1200 hrs life. While the 1141 is 12v, 1.44amp and 18.4 watts with 500 hrs life. The 1156 produces 32 candle power while the 1141 produces 21.

The 1156 will produce more heat than the 1141 and that will require a slightly different design for a mounting fixture/lens cover/shade. Said a littel differently the 1156 in a 1141 housing may melt the lens cover/shade.

EDIT- I just googled "dimmer bulb than 1156".
...but I just learned that our wagons have the same rear bumper!
sorry ...its my sons car and his site im linking too.hopefully this shows up.

wagon back.jpg
Nice car.

Did you read my post about the 1141's?
Factory Shop Manual shows 1034 for tail light/signal & brake. 67 for tailgate tail light.