Coronet Rear Bumpers - 66/67 vs 68-69 - Shape, Dimensions and Bolt Mounting Holes


66 1/2 SuperB
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12:18 PM
Jul 9, 2013
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Central PA
Has anyone ever taken a close look at the similarities/differences between these rear bumpers?

The reason I ask, I'm installing a 68-69 Coronet trunk pan in my 66 Coronet and doing a rear fuel fill. I've seen others that have done similar. I'm looking at alternatives for rear bumper mods .....

Short of finding a 68-69 Coronet bumper close by me in Central PA, does anyone have a 68-69 Coronet rear bumper laying around that they make a few pics/measurements, maybe even a template?

I believe the important dimensions are where the bumper mounting holes (spacing, each side), overall bumper height, width and end wrap depth, (shape) profile, and a fuel fill/license plate area shape template/tracing.

I have both 66 and 67 rear bumpers and associated mounting brackets, so I have those covered.