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Gas tank straps padding?


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Jan 15, 2016
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Just curious if there should be any padding between the straps and the tank?


I don't recall any. But the top of the tank should have some padding between the chassis
No padding on the straps this helps to ground the sender.. I mean its not 100% its purpose but it does help. That and the ground strap.
Thanks for all the replies.

I do already have a pad between the tank and the trunk floor. So I guess the straps ground the tank to the body, makes sense.

A friend brought it up because he said the flaps would cause noise and the tank would rust out) between the pads and the straps.

So I guess its a bad idea to clear coat the tank? To prevent flash rust?
No reason not to clear coat the tank, the fuel sender gets it's ground off the fuel line to frame clamps/bolts and the ground strap from the line to the sender spigot.
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awesome thanks!

i will clear coat it in that case :)