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Help Needed with Go Wing Position


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2:18 AM
Sep 25, 2018
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Bay City, MI
Who knows where the Go Wing should be located on a 1970 RR trunk lid.
Tips / tricks appreciated!
I don't have exact measurements....but. There are two different trunk lids for a '70 and any lid could have come on any '70 Plymouth b-body model. One will accept a go-wing & the other will not (different skin underneath). My Roadrunner had the trunk lid without the go-wing cutouts, so I replaced it with a decklid off a 4 door Belvedere...which DID have the cutouts. That's step #1

Step #2 install the go-wing support brackets underneath.

Step #3 mark & drill the holes, coming up from beneath, so they line up with the holes on the support brackets. Basically, the decklid will align the brackets & the brackets will align the wing.
Yes, there are two trunk lids. I think the go-wing was a late year introduction, so the early trunk lids had no cut-outs for the wing. After the wing was made optional, all the trunk lids had the cut-outs regardless of whether the wing was installed or not.

I have no actual proof of this, but I have both types of trunk lids. I had an August built Satellite with no provision for the wing, and the showroom brochures and dealer data book for 1970 Plymouth make no mention of the wing. My road runner, built in January 1970 did come with the go-wing and another spare lid that I got had all the cut-outs for the wing but no holes in the top skin since it wasn't installed on that car. To me, it wouldn't make sense for the factories to keep both types in stock as the cut-out version could be used in both cases.

You can see the cut-outs and location for the inner brackets on this picture provided by detroit-inc on this site when this lid was for sale:
70 B-bodies just don't look right with a Go-wing on the back. Case in point.....


However, they do look good on E-bodies & 71 B-bodies, which are basically an oversized E-body.
Agreed. Less is more. Less holes too.
To each his own i like wing if car has black hood stripes