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I need big block rad advice


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Jan 18, 2017
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Way North Canada. Polar Bear shaped license plates
I’m about to order a rad for my ‘70 Bee tribute. Here’s what I know:
I’m using a fairly warm 440 at around 500 horse. Auto trans. 26 inch rad.
Now my engine is about 700 miles away, I can’t go look at it. I have no rad to look at, and my car was originally small block anyway.
My local guy deals in Be Cool rads, that’s what I can get, they are USA made, that’s what I’m buying. I’ll be buying aluminum rad, shroud, electric fans, entire package.
But he wants to know what side my inlet and outlets need to be on. Help please?
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All depends on the direction of the water pump housing inlet.....Do you know which water pump housing you have?
I don’t know; the motor is a former motor home engine, 1976. I’m still gathering parts to get the engine built. I can obtain a water pump housing, what do you recommend?
I am an original equipment guy....So if your searching for aftermarket I am not the best to answer....

Post a thread for opinions on a water pump housing....many will chime in...
I think the normal is inlet on top passenger side and outlet bottom drivers side. At least that's what most I have seen are like.
Yes you want outlet on bottom drivers side, if it’s on passenger side it can block view of timing marks.
Be Cool makes some nice stuff but you don't need to spend $500 on a radiator. I bought a great aluminum 26" one from ECP for $260 shipped to my home.
Look up Speed Cooling or Engineered Cooling Products.
I’m in the Canadian arctic. My options to buy are limited as many American companies won’t ship to Canada, and the ones that will insist on using the most expensive “same day service, sign on delivery, kiss on the lips” shipping companies. It could easily cost me $300 just shipping. My local guy will piggyback the Be Cool rad on another shipment for free.
Also, ECP never answered my inquiry about Canadian dealers.
Up there you could probably use a heater core for a radiator, eh ??
Winters used to be cold but not so much anymore. We had -25 last week but it’s about-15 now. Should be -30 to -40.
Summers are super nice, light twenty four hours a day and about seventy to ninety Fahrenheit. AC was rare back then but every car had rear window defrost.
I’ve had 2 be-kools, neither worth a **** for cooling. Griffin, smith, wizard is where I would be looking
Here's my 2-cents (I've never run a Be Cool, fyi)
1. Be Cools are "made in North America" (which means USA, Canada or Mexico) based on their website.
2. Be Cool appears to be "lower-price, decent quality" and though there are much better cooling radiators, I believe a Be Cool would be just fine for your car.
3. I suggest you consider a mechanical fan with a thermal-clutch ('73+ style I believe) instead of electric fans.
4. I like that Be Cool is a "cross-flow-Chevy-style" radiator...which is better if you start to run low on coolant for some reason.
5. You might want to consider a block-heater too. I've used the old type that replaces one freeze plug on a 400 Mopar & it worked great when it got really cold outside.
6. As others mentioned, you probably want the lower radiator hose on the driver's side so you can see your timing marks with a big block motor (I've made that mistake myself). fyi-some big block water pump housings have the lower radiator hose going to the passenger side.