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Is JEGS Legit?


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Oct 4, 2022
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New Zealand
I remember years ago the American company JEGS was famous for its racing and after-market parts. Now searching on the Internet the company seems to be pretty sketchy at best.

Sites such as Trust Pilot have hundreds of bad reviews claiming Jegs is now a scam site where consumers pay online within the Jegs website but nothing is sent or it takes a year to be delivered only to be the wrong item and no returns are accepted. Overall ratings of Jegs is only around 1.5 out of 5 stars.

I'm asking because I live in New Zealand and have put a bunch of items into my basket (but haven't paid) on the Jegs site, including bulky, heavy items such as leaf springs for my Satellite.

The prices on the site are very reasonable and the shipping cost is just too good to be true - America to New Zealand for $19.98. Other sites have shipping for the same items between $800 - $1000.

Has anyone, in the US or overseas, had any dealings with Jegs online ordering - good, bad or otherwise?
The Jegs family sold the business, and apparently service is now garbage. Buy from Summit.
Jegs website sucks compared to Summits too, and did, even when Jegs family still owned it.....
I will also recommend Summit over Jegs all day long.
One more vote for Summit here, I'm a long-time customer they have very fast shipping and great customer service! I can't say the same for Jegs.
Didn’t know that about Jegs - never had a problem with them but really haven’t ordered much from them in a couple of years. I second Summit Racing and Mancini. Lately I’ve been purchasing frequently from Mancini and they are great. Fast shipping and if a question or a problem they have always been easy to contact by phone and helped me out.
Most of the stuff I buy comes from Summit. Occasionally, I do buy from Jegs. Never had an issue.
Another vote for Summit. Jegs has some inventory I'm sure. But it always seems like anything I ordered through jegs was drop shipped.
Always got my parts , just never knew when or were they were coming from.
Summit has always had what I need on hand.
Summit for me. Free shipping to Canada - by "ground" of course.
Jegs did send me a garbage alternator once (loose pulley, stripped threads) that had obviously been returned, and then just stuck back in inventory. I returned it and they sent another, except they charged me full boat, instead of the sale price of the first one. That took a bit of work to straighten out.
I did get three jegs brand carb kits for 850 double pumpers that I was very impressed with the price/quality.

You really don't want to have to return something, after getting it shipped to NZ.
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The only problem with Summit's international shipping is the tracking. From the time it leaves the Summit warehouse to the time it arrives at the destination country depot there is no visibility. Once its in country you have full tracking. Example: I ordered a part last Sunday, filled and scheduled for pickup with a delivery date of yesterday. But up until Wednesday it still showed as waiting to be picked up. Then Thursday morning it showed it arrived in the Toronto depot and was out for delivery. I got it around 11 a.m..

Also, I don't know about other countries BUT there is no brokerage fees when Summit ships to Canada which is a big bonus and they charge the Canadian sales tax up front so the package flies through customs.

It no longer makes sense to smuggle parts in from Summit !!
Hmmm....I guess I am in the minority here. I have had zero problems with Jegs. As a matter of fact, I placed an order on Tuesday afternoon and it arrived Thursday morning.
Maybe give them a call and speak to somebody, in person, and ask them directly, about the shipping. Also make sure that they understand that you are out of the USA. If they don't give you a "warm fuzzy feeling", don't give them your order. Im not sure how much trouble it is to make a phone call from NZ to USA.
I've used Jegs about 12-15 times in last 3-4 years . Never had a serious issue. You do have to watch for the back order trick. An item out of stock no big deal? Then 5 months later it shows up when you didn't necessarily need it want it anymore.
Summit for me but I've ordered from Jegs with no issues as well. Check out Rock Auto also. Their prices are mostly unbeatable.
Hmmm....I guess I am in the minority here. I have had zero problems with Jegs. As a matter of fact, I placed an order on Tuesday afternoon and it arrived Thursday morning.
You and me. I'd done business with Jegs for years and had ZERO problems. Unlike Summit, which I'd have to think about a worse company to do business. Not going to write a book about summit, but every time I did business with them, always a problem. Won't even use them as last resort anymore.
I've never had a problem with Jegs, Summit, or Rock Auto.
Websites are a different story Jegs website sucks, period. Summit is meh. Rock Auto is a gold standard for auto parts online, with info button that actually has info, not just pimping the manufacturer and their parts, usually multiple brands and a heart icon indicating most ordered. You do have to play their shipping game however. Watch the shipping companies also they like to sneak that "Mail" one in. It is not US mail, it is a treat on a string that they hold out for any POS carrier that wants it, crap has always taken over a week to get to me as it gets tossed from whse to whse.