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New tko 600 with BB kit

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Nov 22, 2011
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I have a dark horse performance Kit almost everything you need to install a tko 600 in your b body I have decided to stay with a 727 I bought this setup about 4 years ago and have only opend it to look at it
I will post pictures and specs asap
I know it has a tko 600 with .82od
mcleod street/strip sprung clutch, mcleod flywheel, (not hemi) mcleod pressure plate, high end hydraulic throw bearing (upgrade), hurst shifter, hurst knob, floor boot, lakewood bellhousing, (500.00 option) u joint, braided lines for throw out bearing
I know I am forgetting stuff
I gave 4300.00 shipped asking 3500 plus shipping all still brand new
I'm new to this fourm but not to cars or mopars I have a account on nasioc ( a subaru fourm I'm into rallly cars) my user Id is the same shilohb and I have a great sell rating on there you can pm me here or on nasioc and I will get back to you asap


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Hello Shiloh,
The kit and or some of the pieces are of interest for my science project.
First Quote I have recieved for front to back Auto to Stnd conversion is about
the amount you want.
Would pedals, clutch slave, master cyl, hyd lines, bell house, shield, drive shaft, shifter, boot, bezel, trans box, cross member, wire adapters, tailmount come with it?

Is this a conversion kit or upgrade kit?
Sorry to Bombard you with questions, but I am interested.
500 Special
thats about 1500.00 off full pop retail. very reasonable. if its brand new.
I bought it all new it is dusty just because it has just set there on my shelf for so long... years
Everything in the picture is going with it 3500 buys it all
I do not want to separate any of it
it will be a great tranny for someone
I at one time had dreams of banging through the gears but these days I have a car to hotrod, I'm really wanting to just build a nice cruser I came across a 6.1 hemi and 727 for a good deal so I am going that route
it's a great buy if you are ready for a great gear spread
they say 3.55 will feel like 4.11 in first and like 2.50 in fifth
the tko first is 2.97 a 727 is 2.45
ant the tko fifth is .82 and 727 third is 1.0
you will be at 2500 rpm at 70 with 3.80 gears with the tko
I was going to run 3.50 gears and 28 inch tires to achieve 2200 rpm at 70

is this a set for an 1969 Charger R/T 440??? From auto to manual?

Greetz Ted
you will need clutch pedals, a few hydraulic lines, crossmember...
not much
If you have someone interested that needs pedals and crosmemner let me know.
I have the stuff out of my 69.
Does the crossmember fit's on this set??

Greetz Ted.
Pedals and crosmember that I have are stock 4 speed parts.
Not sure what the kit uses.
rustyirons pedals will work but I'm not sure about the crossmemeber
Does 62-65 pedals fit on my car???

Greetz T.
update pictures and parts list
New TKO600
New lakewood safty bellhousing
New adapter/space plate
New Mcleod steel fly wheel
New Mcleod street strip clutch
New Mcleod pressure plate
New Wilwood master cylinder
New throwout bearing
New Hurst shifter
New Hurst shifter boot
New Tremec shift knob
New transmission yoke
New transmission mount
New ARP flywheel bolts
New Mr gasket pressureplate bolts
New Mr gasket spacers
New tko transmission output shaft adaptor
New lakewood alinment pins
and a few bags of bolts and seals

Sherman Texas also I have come down on the price to 3000.00.. i want It gone I need to move on to buying things....
What makes this kit different from an E-body? Might need for a Challenger...

Thanks, Steven
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