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QUESTION. Please Help....


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May 9, 2009
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Been a while since I have been on here. I sold my Plymouth, but recently I bought a motorhome with a chrysler chassis, and a 440 big block. I wanted a 440 in my Satellite, but I will settle for one in the motorhome......

***Anyway here is the question*** The motorhome needed a power steering pump. The power brakes are assisted by the power steering pump. When I put the power steering pump on I know I will have to bleed the air out of the steering gear. DO I NEED TO BLEED THE BRAKES OR DO ANYTHING WITH THEM? I feel silly asking but I am no mechanic.... Just a parts changer.
Hey House, welcome back, brother!!! :grin: Unfortunately, i'm a parts changer myself, so i won't be much help to you...but i wanted to give ya a big welcome back!! :party::party::beavisnbutthead: :sixpack:
I'm thinking the power assist only affects the booster, and not the fluid in the brake system.

Post a pic. That would help

and welcome back :grin:
Thanks runner after looking at it so
E more I think you are right. Thanks for the assist once again......