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Radio antenna

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Jul 28, 2018
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Clare Michigan
The antenna on my 1966 dodge coronet deluxe is on the driver side fender, has anyone ever seen anything like this before?
Never ever seen that. Either it's just a complete screw up on somebodies part or the only thing I can think of is possibly a car built for European sale and somebody changed it back for a left side driver.......or something like that. I'm not even sure they built them for a right side driver in 66, do you know anything about the history of the car?
Jumping on this post as I'd like to hear what the story is. Could this possibly be some sort of factory package for a special use vehicle such as police or municipal where added radios/equipment are added? Like that Dodge! The body style is awesome.
Likely came without a radio and it was added later. Likely not done on the assembly line.

the factory hole in the fender is not just a round hole either, so remove antenna and let’s see the hole.

please post the fender tag and we can see.
Yeah, I'm with R413 on this one. Unless it's something REALLY unusual, I think it was a factory radio delete & somebody added an antennae/radio after the fact. Speaking of which... is there a hole for an antennae on the passenger side? A no-hole fender (if that exists) might be worth a ton of money to the right person. I'm only speculating here.
Read someplace by @moparnation74 that antenna's were installed at dealer. Always wonder why my 66Satellite had antenna on passengers side rear quarter. Had it filled when I had car painted and never put one on. Saw another 66 Satellite with antenna on drivers side rear quarter. Reason dealer install breakage during shipping.
Mecum 2017 kissimmee 2.JPG
Part of what got me wondering is this is a post car that I can't remember seeing for a long time. Wonder how many of these are around. Could be a number of deletes for a race car or special use...I'm not up on this though. Found one on the web - a hemi.
The car is a barn find mostly original paint untouched car , still has the orginal spark plug wires and the am radio looks to have been there since day one. Sold new in Michigan still has the dealer tag and warranty book so yeah very strange !!!!!!
I'm checking with my brother on this as he worked at a couple dealerships back in the late 60's. Depending how much this has got you curious, does the car have removable access panels in the fender well like I have on my '63 Ply? I'd be curious to see if the underside of the right fender has any evidence of a mount hole being filled in...
This is a picture of a picture from the original owner. That line going up from quarter is the antenna, you can see the base on quarter.
Many cars were built without a radio.

(there should be nothing under the "r" on the top line of the fender tag.

Many cars also had radios and antennas installed by the dealer.

My 66 has no hole on the driver's side fender but unfortunately the fender is dented pretty good across several body lines.

It has a factory radio installed and dual 30 degree antennas on the tops of the rear quarter panels.