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rear firewall


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12:05 PM
Sep 29, 2008
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north cali
anybody got pics of how to isolate the trunk from the drivers compartment.

just added a fuel cell
You can use .032 alum or .024 steel. Cut it the same as the seat back and tack weld or screw it in. Make a template out of cardboard first.
is this a car you are building? Or is this a car that is finished? i.e. paint is already done. If the paint is done your choices are limited, and I would advise against a cell. If the paint and body is not done I personally would like to see a more permanant type firewall installed. Welded in is best. Totally sealed. I would hate to see you get rear-ended, or upside down and have a fuel leak or fire. Dont skimp on this. This is worth doing right. Just my 2 cents worth.
paint is no done
looking for examples pics
specificly pillars and side jam areas. or is it just the deck lid and seat back that need to be covered
64 trunk

64 Plymouth Sport Fury.. All steel construction.. Box is for fuel pump

Another.... The 2 small boxes on the floor are to hide the 4-link under the car !! Yipee.. Should be a MONSTER when finished...