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Hi Rob, Just wondering what spreader hold downs do you use? I can't seem to find any that fit down close enough
to put the bolt in! Thanks!
Ive got a complete set, the valve covers and matching air filter. I think I had them listed for $450 but I would take a little less or even trade on other BB performance parts.
Any central iowa mopar enthusiasts that have any extra time to help me go thru a mass amount of 60s and 70s mopar parts from an estate sale I recently invested in?

Obviously you would get first pick!!
Thank you for the Map Light! One option my car doesn't have that I wanted to change. It's a nice piece!
Glad you are happy with it-enjoy
I’ve been reading many various posts over the years getting help on my projects, it’s great to be able to get info from those who love to drive and work on these cars, I have a 1968 Sport Satallite convertible, all refinished, also 1969 Road Runner post car and for modern convenience 2009 Challenger R/T
Is the 2582948 radiator still available ????? Asking price ????Joe
fuel and water have the same 12 volt power supply witch goes through a resistor to reduce the voltage mounted on the back of your gauge cluster pull your cluster put 12 volts to the output side of the resistor your gauges will move rapidly because of increased voltage if they dont move there dead if they do then make sure there is voltage at the resistor if there is you need a new resistor ground the body
Central place to get a 2 post lift ?
I’m sorry, I can’t help you with that. I don’t even have a shop to work in.
After surfing the car shows and cruise ins, I noticed that the big MOPAR Car shows (Spring/Fall Flings_are held spring and fall But not in TX. Closest locations are in Baton Rouge and Shrieveport La....? Have you been to any MOPAR Shows ?
No, I’ve never been to any Mopar shows, would like to though. I haven’t even been to a car show in years, I like cruising more.
I can do the map light, but the center caps are a little too rich for me. Sorry. I don't need them, just would like to have em around!
Their too nice! Give me your e-mail for PayPal, and an amount. Thank You!
Paul Lucas
5826 Elm Street
Lisle, Il., 60532
It's not the $2.44, it's the fact that because of goods and services paypal and the govt view that $81.50 as income and I get nailed for taxes.
Give me a refund and I'll send it again! I thought I sent it the right way. I understand.
It's not you, it's the fact that I paid taxes on the money I bought this with and now in retirement the damn Govt taxes me again on anything I sell. Double jeopardy. We are good, but I appreciate your offer.
Hello----I have what you are looking for and it is pretty much flawless. I've attached some pictures of it for you to look at. The price is $209.85 shipped USPS Priority Mail anywhere in the continental USA. If this interest you, please email me at my personal site of and we can disc us this further. Take Care and perhaps we'll be talking again soon, Charlie.


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But I would rather not spend $200 . I just bough the car and it has a new repop but its the 67 version and can stay untill the right one pops up

$100 is a more likely.
AN nos one just sold on ebay for $200, and it took a while to sell so IMO thats top end of the market and takes a certain buyer to pay that, Im not that buyer.
HI, apologies - just seen your reply to my wanted ad. How much you wanting for the fender plug? Can you PM me a pic or 2.
That ant Delete plug has been Sold.
hi, money sent.

gary mendelow
31108 manchester lane
bay village, oh 44140
nos ed
Thank you Gary. I’ll ship your part tomorrow and send you the tracking number.
nos ed
Hi Gary
I mailed your parcel today, delivery expected to take 9 days.
Tracking #LM176786973CA