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    Racing Insurance and roll cage?

    Don Kennedy sold me my insurance for the race car. Here is a good article if your interested. It also has his phone number. Drag Race Insurance By Don Kennedy |
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    Who’s doing what in the off-season.

    Great work as usual Doug. when did you go single 4?
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    Abuse Limits Of Steelies and 1/2" Studs

    I'm running Wheel Vintiques 15x10's and drilled the hole out for 5/8 studs. last year was the first year and I didn't seem to have a problem... other than I had to keep re-torqueing the wheels, So I torqued them to like 150' lbs and that seem to solve the issue.
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    post your stock appearing class car

    A few of mine.
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    Sept. 21-24: Summit Motorsports Park Inaugural Mopar Event
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    New Hemi Block from Jason Line

    Just seen this on Facebook. I think it's the old BullDog casting. From what I've read, Wescott has them in stock. I'd be curious what other configurations you can get it in. I'm sure it's not cheap... right now there is no such thing as a cheap block.
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    Comprehensive insurance

    I'm using Hagerty. It covers the car everywhere except on the track. So it's covered in the lanes, and the return road. Plus covers it in the trailer along with all the contents. And in the garage weather it's together or apart. This is who I bought it through, He's a racer. Don Kennedy Race...
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    Ready for NMCA Norwalk

    Wow, the bolt lug breaking off....that seems to be the trend. John Rendes had the same thing happen. What do you think caused that?
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    Ready for NMCA Norwalk

    That really sucks, sorry to hear that.
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    Making and installing enclosed trailer escape door.

    Good deal. I have a buddy who a week ago was talking about his in floor storage and the fact that he had to un load the car and Golf cart to get to it. That's why I mentioned it.
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    Making and installing enclosed trailer escape door.

    Keep in mind with in floor tire storage. If the car is in the trailer when you get a flat... you can't get to the tire without unloading everything. I just mounted my spare on the wall near the man door.
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    I can't remember if it was 1st or 2nd round of Hemi S/S I was coasting down the lane and when I stopped just before the bend, I looked over and there was your car. Glad to see you made it out.