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    New member intro - 68 Charger

    Welcome from Wisconsin. Nice lookin Charger!
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    Do old tires have any value?

    I had some 15 year old tires in the same condition as yours that I replaced because of their age that I though I would have to pay to have scrapped. My tire dealer paid me $10.00 each because the farmers use them on hay wagons and such. Someone should have a use for them.
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    Olivia Newton John RIP

    She had a special place in my heart for years. Her pain and suffering is finally over. RIP Olivia.
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    Wiper Pivots

    I think the better one would be ok. I would clean it and drill in a grease zerk. The other one is junk.
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    Wiper Pivots Grease fitting

    I drilled mine and installed a grease zerk as mine were pretty dry as well. If you are careful, you should have no trouble hurting the inner shaft since it is steel and the housing is aluminum. You will feel it when it hits the shaft. When I drilled the hole, I gave it a dose of WD-40 to free...
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    Looking for a turn signal assembly for a 1976 Sport Fury

    Tilt wheel takes a different switch than non tilt.
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    rear driver side brake lights stop working.

    Pull the steering wheel in give it a shot of WD-40 or electrical cleaner. You may get a little more life out of it.
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    rear driver side brake lights stop working.

    The problem is in your turn signal operation for sure since it is intermittent.
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    rear driver side brake lights stop working.

    I had the same issue with my Charger turn signal lever not returning all the way to center after being cancelled. Problem turned out to be when I painted the steering column, the paint was binding the pivot point on the turn signal lever. Could that be your problem?
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    68 fuel return line?

    I bought a 68 Charger R/T when I got out of the Navy in March of 68. It was a 375 hp 440 with 4 speed and 3.55 sure grip gears. Not sure if it made a difference but I bought it in Long Beach CA. and it came with the 3/8" supply and 1/4" return. My brother bought a 68 Charger in Minnesota with a...
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    Said to me at the car show...

    I have owned and shown my 60 Dart at many shows and have heard about every type of comment there is from "What a beauty!" to "That's the ugliest car I have ever seen!" One older fella stopped by a gas station as I was filling up and asked, "Is that a new Pontiac?" I told him it was not new nor...
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    Add headrests to a 68 Charger?

    My 68 Charger didn't have the head rests or the shoulder belts but the mounting points were all there.
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    Temperature Control Cable needed

    I have one left from a 68 Charger w/AC. Measures 32.5" and has the secondary adjustment. $50.00 shipped
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    Oil pressure gauge AND water temperature gauge not working

    Since your gas gauge works, the voltage limiter is working. My guess your oil and temp gauge issue could be in loose connections at the pins on the back of your cluster. You are probably right by suspecting the dimmer switch as the problem for no dash lights. The cluster gets its ground through...
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    Just found this Hemi swap forum - My Hemi Swap 68

    I suspect that Dakota Digital apparatus you put in to run your fans is what keeps your engine running after a shutdown. Probably needs a diode in the circuit. I would call them to see how to handle it. As for your starter issue, I would find some way to wrap it or the header since it is so close...