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    Appraisers in Arizona

    Thanks for the input. Is this the proper forum to get some input on how I should value it with pics. I don't want to put an unrealistic value on car but want a fair market value. Also thinking of using Gateway Classic to sell this. Has anyone dealt with this company
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    Appraisers in Arizona

    Does anyone have any contacts for appraising of Chargers in Phoenix Arizona. I would like to have mine evaluated as I want pricing to be fair with all differences being seen in values. Thanks in advance
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    FOR SALE 69 Charger Bucket Seats w/Headrests

    These seats are the original in my 69 RT (owned since new). Rails sliders and all. They have been recovered and rebuilt. Everything works. I decided to go with aftermarket seats. $1200 plus shipping from 85375 Arizona.