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    I got snakes in my Mopar!

    I’m thinking it’s a western coachwhip
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    71 Satellite passenger door wont close.

    Could it be that sloppy hinges are causing the door to droop down? Can you lift up on the rear of the door to line it up enough to latch it closed. I can’t imagine that spraying the hinges would cause this, but then again you didn’t say what you sprayed them with.
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    Going to bed early usually means.....

    Time to cut off the dr. Pee. We don’t have any dogs now, but have had dogs for most of my life and they would be let out to do their business before bed. They always slept the night through unless they heard something that triggered a reaction. Maybe somebody or something wakes them up, or maybe...
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    Gorby won't be Down!

    Good old days. RIP
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    Artemis moon rocket launch in about 1 hour!

    Daytona should be a good place to watch from, as the trajectory is supposed to be to the northeast. As many launches that I have seen over the years, you’d think I would have driven up to watch from up close, but I just hate sitting in traffic and dealing with the crowds. I think the best...
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    Galvanized Paint

    On the subject of painting, I’m in a little bit different situation, as my trailer gets dunked in salt water 100% of the time. I tried using the por on my rusted galvanized axles (that stuff sticks to everything I think). A few years later, I replaced them. The paint was just a bandaid for a...
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    A New Respect for Oak Snakes

    I used to go squirrel hunting with my grandfather in law way back in the day and after we cleaned them grandma would fry em up for lunch. I always took my 22 magnum with me and took the heads off, otherwise, they would get fried with heads on and I couldn’t stand seeing the heads with those big...
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    A New Respect for Oak Snakes

    Telling my wife about this and she said yeah I can relate to that. She said her grandmother used to take her fishing and a lot of the time the boat would be under the trees and bushes with moccasins sitting in the branches, a few falling into the boat. Her grandma would say they won’t hurt you...
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    A New Respect for Oak Snakes

    We need one of those Gray Rat snakes around here. The squirrels are over populated.
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    Remember when?

    Back in 68-69, I worked as a bag boy, making about that 1.85 I think. The real money was in tips. Even though there was a sign saying tipping not required, most of the customers tipped anyway. All the bag boys recognized the big tippers and there was a race to get to that register. So you bag...
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    Do old tires have any value?

    Couple years ago I bought a set of coopers to replace aged out ones that still looked good. I have a very old Goodyear in the trunk that I was going to get rid of and put one of the 8 year old tires on the spare. Tire shop said that they would not mount tires that were over 5 years old.