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    Cheap meal?

    Is that a BL can?
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    Cheap meal?

    Ate a lot of hamburger helper back in the day. It used to be a pretty cheap dinner. Don’t know if it’s still around. On the grilled cheese sandwich and soup, gotta be tomato.
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    Anyone done those leaf filter things on your gutter?

    The commercial I saw showed an animation of “rain” going into gutter. Haven’t seen anything with a real rain, as in downpour . Also pine needles are another thing.
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    Do you leave your car unattended at shows and cruise-ins?

    I think it was my first or second car show that I went to after finally getting the car painted. The cars were all lined up and many owners were gathered in small groups, sitting down away from their cars. I was sitting next to my car when I noticed a woman walking with her kids, between the...
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    What if a disaster happened right now?

    My wife tends to buy food that is on sale and will keep, such as canned goods. Some woman behind her at the register, probably a newby to the area, inquired about the amount of stuff in her basket. My wife replied that hurricane season is almost here. The woman, now all shook up, said “there’s a...
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    Metal work 60k too much?

    Years ago I used to say to my wife, why don’t you call these guys and give them a sad story for me.
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    Metal work 60k too much?

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    7th Grader is a Damn Hero

    Something else to ponder about this story. Seventh grader who took the wheel of a school bus after driver lost consciousness called "a hero"
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    Name the movie.

    Inglorious basterds
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    Name the movie.

    One flew over the Cukoos nest
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    Name the movie.

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    What gas do you use in your B Body?

    I use Sunoco 93, the car runs great on it. I tried the Mobil rec 90 non ethanol, nope.
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    Old Tires

    I don’t do the x thing, but do respectfully disagree. Back in the 70s if one bought 2 new feel goods, they would go on the front. Made the car feel new. Over the years, things changed (at least for us) and new tires went on the rear, at least for rear wheel drive vehicles. At Highway speeds, you...
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    71 RR trunk weather strip

    My seal looks like the pic above. When I installed it 8-10 years ago, I remember that it was very hard to close the trunk. After a couple months it worked well. Very easy to close after that now the seal still in very good shape.
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    Did your feet get wider as you got older?

    go to a shoe store and get feet measured? Haven’t seen that in a very long time. Around here, you’re lucky to even find a sales person. I seem to have progressed to a size 11 now after wearing a 10 1/2 most of my life. Not any wider. It’s probably those cushy flip-flops that are causing the...