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  1. bobby albertson

    70 Road Runner Grill screws, plastic fasteners and insert brackets

    Try parts mix. They have everything and it all comes bagged individually and labeled. They sell exact reproductions for all screws and fasteners. And in kits too for interior and exterior
  2. bobby albertson

    Package Tray Install & Rear Glass Install

    I'm assuming its the same or similar on a 70. Do you know if the package tray holds the bottom trim piece in place? i see a grove under the ribbing. does the trim go up, and then the tray slides into the notch to hold it in place?
  3. bobby albertson

    Anyone have the Dynomax Super Turbo Mufflers " 17747 on their car ?

    I hand them on my 70’roadrunner. .40 over 383 thumper cam. 2.5 s.s exhaust. . I hate them!!!!! Soo quiet and restrained. Restricting on open throttle! All cause the “turbo” design in the muffler. I swapped out to flow master flow fx! New design! Staring thru not a “turbo” also run on my hemi...
  4. bobby albertson

    Asking your opinion; best wheel package for a 1970 Super Bee

    I prefer the dog dish. I didn’t spray the wheel the body color though. For me I like this look better and prefer to do something Ruth’s. Every other car. I get many many compliments on the set up. Even from guys who don’t like the dish
  5. bobby albertson

    Does anybody make a vented gas cap?

    So the capon the left is supposed to be vented and the one on the right seems to be. I have an aftermarket tank and a sniper efi system.supply and return lines and a vent line out the tank. After a drive the tank hand more pressure than ever. And still bubbloup the vent line. The cap on the...
  6. bobby albertson

    70 air grabber

    I just finished a full repaint and reassembled the air grabber. It’s an original Mopar part and hood. Seems now the back left corner,as Looking at the car, rubbed just enough to flake the paint.it’s gonna get repainted but does anyone know a way to align the door? Or slide it forward? The piano...
  7. bobby albertson


    its a bench seat car and I've had the seats all apart, as well as the glove box. rug is new and was done already as was the headliner. ect.. She was build in St. Louis not Hamtramck. Ive already decoded the tag and had it registered at Galens and MMC DETROIT.
  8. bobby albertson


    So i am repainting and found a bumper sticker behind the rear bumper. I was to The Bumper Shop in Redwood City Cali. Pretty original. covered in spatter coat and color. Any one ever hear of this shop? I am still trying to find info on my car But I think this is getting closer. I did find a...
  9. bobby albertson

    Factory Decals

    Well to guess what car I got I simple when I say I got a 70 roadrunner I’m my bio and my Pics. I know all the graphics from phoenix! Love you guys! I’m thinking all the other decals like tire pressure,emission, etc
  10. bobby albertson

    Factory Decals

    Im getting ready to repaint and know the placement for the running bird, trail stripe,door and deck lid. What Im trying to find id if anyone has locations for all the other stickers/decals that would have come on the car. Like emmissions, jack and stand, brake booster, Mopar rapit transit...
  11. bobby albertson

    1970 road runner question

    I am running a .40 over 383. mild cam. I have an MSD ready to run distributor and their custom 8.8,, wires. For plugs ac delco platinum . NO complaints
  12. bobby albertson

    Gas tank crapped out...nasty weekend

    hey i dont know if t fits but I have a very clean 70 b body tank straps and filler neck from my roadrunner. i just swapped out to all new for fuel injection set up. if you can use it? boxed up already too.
  13. bobby albertson

    strut rod bushing question

    ok so the issue is /was.. The previous builder used the WRONG bushing and washers.. Go figure, smh, They both were crushed at the rear and the driver side was starting to pull through too, I ordered a set, urethane from laysons that included washers to make sure Im not in the store guessing what...
  14. bobby albertson

    strut rod bushing question

    I put a larger washer on the original one. cause I'm a little ocd, I ordered a complete replacement set with that comes with the proper washers from Laysons. Will go on saturday
  15. bobby albertson

    strut rod bushing question

    Ok so attaches is a picture of the pass side strut rod end bushing on my 70 roadrunner, right side is whats on there now, left side is after i removed the front part . The bottom images shows how it blew through the washer . Replaced it with a moog, the front part using the same washer and it...
  16. bobby albertson

    Strut rod bushing orientation ( once and for all).

    What brand are those? I blew one out and bought the moog ones and it didnt come with washers
  17. bobby albertson


    It was repainted in b5 single stage. the hood had been damaged prior to me purchasing the car. It was done in the new 3 stage blue similiar but still a shade off, I am gonna try the best I can to match it when I re do the hood. Is ot necessary???? yea but we know how that goes..