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  1. aldal

    Radio time!

    Home | S&M Electro-Tech did a nice job restoring my radio and setting me up with speakers, very knowledgable.
  2. aldal


    I was planning on going with Caltracs but decided to go with Moroso C.E. for a smoother ride on the street. My car is not complete yet so I am not sure if it was a good choice or not. Killer Kong Project Update: Ironing Out Leaf Spring Woes - Dragzine
  3. aldal

    Ladder bars

    Killer Kong Project Update: Ironing Out Leaf Spring Woes - Dragzine This is what my builder recommended for my 65 Coronet.
  4. aldal

    Fire Extinguisher placement

    I have one mounted in the trunk and one mounted inside the interior.
  5. aldal

    Has anyone had luck with the Ram Man?

    In my case he was a conceited dick and like an idiot I still bought a booster set up from him at a show which he guaranteed would fit my car and engine combo. Needless to say it doesn't come close to fitting and I learned an expensive lesson as I was warned on this site about him.
  6. aldal

    Max-Wedge Question

    Replacement FireCore 50 Spark Plug Wire Services
  7. aldal

    65 Satellite radiators

    Glen-ray Radiators - All New Licensed Mopar Chrysler Dodge Plymouth Radiators
  8. aldal

    Has anybody bought parts from the Ram Man

    Update, my builder finally went to install the brake booster and linkage and non of it comes close to fitting like Ram Man assured me it would. A lot of money for nothing....I thought he was just kind of rude but now I think he is a grade A ***----!
  9. aldal

    and so it begins.....

    At first I disliked them but as time goes by I kind of like em.
  10. aldal

    The money is no object car. Whatcha going to buy?

    Not a car but a used Space Shuttle....:thumbsup:
  11. aldal

    Correct Size Circuit breaker for trunk mounted battery?

    This is what comes with the relocation kit from CE Auto Electric that I am using.
  12. aldal

    Lost my best buddy and co-worker

    Sorry for your loss.
  13. aldal

    God Bless

    That's the Devil not God.
  14. aldal

    Are you man enough to apologize?

    I will apologize when my wife tells me I am an *** :thumbsup: just kidding I will always stand up an admit when I am out of line. If you are going to talk the talk you better be able to walk the walk.
  15. aldal

    My exhaust, your thoughts

    Sounds good to me.
  16. aldal

    drive shaft suggestions

  17. aldal

    New Shocks

    https://p-s-t.com/search.html#!make=PLYMOUTH||year=1967||submodel=BASE||brand=Bilstein http://www.firmfeel.com/b_body_mopar_shocks.html
  18. aldal

    Tire and wheel size for 65 Coronet

    Mine was stock but since that picture I have had the springs moved, mini tubbed and the frame notched to fit wider tires.
  19. aldal

    WTB 8 bolt (Hemi/stroker) flexplate

    A&A Transmission has them now according to Mopar Collectors Guide.