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  1. Mopar5861

    98 mile survivor 63 savoy lightweight

    Love that color. Wish my dad would have never sold his 64 Sport Fury Max Wedge when I was a kid.
  2. Mopar5861


    I know someone that wants that harness.. I will contact him now.. needs it shipped to Wisconsin
  3. Mopar5861

    FOR SALE A12 origional hood .. I have one

    . He took it home and shuffled it around for a few years and then put it in the weeds up at my great uncle so farm until I unearthed it in 1995. Him and my brother wanted to throw it out, saying it was a broken piece of shhhh. I wouldn't let them. We shuffled it around our shop until it found a...
  4. Mopar5861

    FOR SALE A12 origional hood .. I have one

    I wish it didn't have the damage that it does, but as my dad explained it to me,and I quote " he pulled onto the street and punched it. He got about 50 yds down the road and the thing took off like a rocket and landed right on that bad corner. The kid looked at it and said, here you take it" he...
  5. Mopar5861

    FOR SALE A12 origional hood .. I have one

    Here you go buddy.. thanks for responding to my post
  6. Mopar5861

    FOR SALE A12 origional hood .. I have one

    What's up everyone. This is going to make someone really happy. So back in 1969 my dad was hanging with his buddies and at thier shop was a a12 car.. well one of the mechanics forgot to pin the hood down and the customer drove out of the driveway, punched it and the hood flew off the car...