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  1. Bird Man of AZ

    Retro then and now.

    My body or the car's? LOL
  2. Bird Man of AZ

    Retro then and now.

    And thank you for your appreciation.
  3. Bird Man of AZ

    Retro then and now.

    It took me forever to find that jacket online, just for the photo.
  4. Bird Man of AZ

    Greetings from Arizona

    Hey fellow old guy Arizonan, No sooner did I post a near identical story in my thread "Retro Now and Then" did I see yours. Welcome to the forum!! (By the way, I'm up here in Prescott.)
  5. Bird Man of AZ

    Retro then and now.

    50 years ago I bought my first brand new car upon returning from Vietnam: A blue 1972 Plymouth Roadrunner with a 340 Magnum engine and a 727 transmission. (I regrettably ended up selling that RR some years later.) However, 50 years later I found another beautiful blue '72 Roadrunner, also with...
  6. Bird Man of AZ

    Aftermarket stereo's in a 71 B body

    Even when one radio is active and the other is dormant, there is still speaker-level electrical current flowing into the electronics of the radio that's turned off. That could cause damage to one (or both) of the radios' output amplifiers. You may want to think about installing an A/B switch...
  7. Bird Man of AZ

    Do I have factory or conversion power steering?

    I'm in need of a new steering gear box on my '72 Roadrunner. It definitely is power steering, but I can't tell if I need to replace a factory power steering box or a conversion P/S box. I got out my production broadcast sheet to see what my Bird originally came with. Does the absence of any...
  8. Bird Man of AZ

    Gear shifter idiosyncrasies.

    Since I'm no expert on shifting linkages, where exactly is the adjustment for it?
  9. Bird Man of AZ

    Gear shifter idiosyncrasies.

    My '68 Plymouth Belvedere's auto-tranny has two issues and I'm wondering if they're related. The reverse/back-up light doesn't work at all when the shift lever (on the tree) is put in Reverse. And, sometimes the car will not start when in Park, so it's necessary to put the shift lever in...
  10. Bird Man of AZ

    Totally new Mopar guy question...

    Personally, I would do exactly what a lot of the other guys already mentioned. Get your Charger in optimum working and running order first. Then address the aesthetics (body, paint, trim, interior, etc.). If you're a first-time Mopar or high performance car owner, you might want to leave the...
  11. Bird Man of AZ

    “Best muscle car”

    Congrats!! Your Bird was well worthy of the trophy. Absolutely gorgeous.
  12. Bird Man of AZ

    What's this part called??

    Hey Marv, looking at your profile avatar I can't tell if car is a '71 or '72. (Or if it's a Satellite or Roadrunner.) Where can I see some bigger pics of it? From what I can see, it's beautiful.
  13. Bird Man of AZ

    What's this part called??

    Yep, that's what I was looking for. Mainly the springs and the S-shaped "door stops." Thanks!!
  14. Bird Man of AZ

    What's this part called??

    On my '72 Roadrunner, it's the spring-loaded hand that holds the door open when entering or exiting the car. Mine is no longer doing its job and needs to be replaced. Does it have an actual name and where might I find a replacement? (I already checked Classic Industries with no luck so far.)
  15. Bird Man of AZ

    How Many Mopars Do You Currently Own?

    You know your TV cars. Yep, it's an exact duplicate of the first season Adam-12 cruiser, right down to the license plate numbers. (Some of the idiots out there say, "Hey, there's Barney Fife's car." :screwy:)
  16. Bird Man of AZ

    How Many Mopars Do You Currently Own?

    '72 Roadrunner and '68 Belvedere.
  17. Bird Man of AZ

    Time for a show lets see the 71-74's

    My '72 Roadrunner (340/auto/B5 blue).
  18. Bird Man of AZ

    New guy in Prescott, AZ

    Hi, 50 years ago when I returned from my tour in Vietnam, I treated myself to a brand new car: a 1972 Roadrunner with a 340 and auto trans, in a nice Sky Blue color. (And of course, I'm still kicking myself in the butt for ever selling it.) Over the recent years I've been searching for...