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  1. hemi71x

    Any companies out there that can re line disc brake pads?

    Anybody know of any companies that can re line disc brake pads? I have quite a few pairs of BENDIX, and BUDD, disc brake pads, that can be put back into use if new lining material can be put back onto these cores. I know there are heavy duty truck shops out there in the USA, that reline...
  2. hemi71x

    Information Needed. Are these Say Bar Mounting Brackets Reproduced?

    Does anyone know what company re produces these sway bar mounting brackets to the cross member, on the 70-74 E body cars, and the 70-72 B body cars? I thought i had this bookmarked in my computers files, but i guess i don't, as i can't find it. Thank's. Jim V. hemi71x
  3. hemi71x

    Will a 23 Spline 833 work with the 426 Hemi Engine

    Yep, it will. When i owned my 71 Hemi GTX 4 speed car, the first time that i had to do a clutch on it, i found out that it didn't have the "quote, un quote" original 4 speed HEMI transmission to it. Had a 23 spline transmission in it. The guy that i purchased it from, at one time had a...
  4. hemi71x

    Frustrated with my car

    Then when I let it idle or if I take it for a ride it will just shut off.. The op states that the car will just "shut off" at times, even when driving it, leading me to think the coil has crapped out on him. An Electrical problem, not fuel, as once the car starts and runs, the drain back of...
  5. hemi71x

    Frustrated with my car

    Install another Coil on the engine as a test. Give that a troubleshooting test.
  6. hemi71x

    70 Roadrunner Air Grabber Vacuum Canister

    See, the op of this topic did his own research, after i stated i thought that they are repoped. If he just went by that guys Red X, and then thought they aren't repoped he would have gotten false, incorrect, information.
  7. hemi71x

    70 Roadrunner Air Grabber Vacuum Canister

    He can take back the Red X.
  8. hemi71x

    70 Roadrunner Air Grabber Vacuum Canister

    https://www.classicindustries.com/product/mb330.html Hey snakeeyes, take a look at this. Found it. Says "arriving soon" so guess it's not currently stocked, but evidentally it is repoped.
  9. hemi71x

    70 Roadrunner Air Grabber Vacuum Canister

    Pretty sure someone repops those things now a days. Do a search, if your not that picky. Don't know why SNAKEEYES would give me a Red X on this, but i think it's Classic Industries, or P G Classics that has them. Hey Snakey, why not do a search before you Red X something.
  10. hemi71x

    70 Roadrunner Air Grabber Vacuum Canister

    This is the correct one, with the nipples. Oops, too late on finding the picture in my files.
  11. hemi71x

    70 Roadrunner Air Grabber Vacuum Canister

    Well, i was the owner of a 71 Hemi GTX, for 28 years, so i know about air grabber hoods. The vacuum canister, with those vacuum fittings on it, aren't correct for a 70-71 RR, or GTX. So how original do you really want to be?
  12. hemi71x

    69 charger brakes

    Have you checked Rock Auto for caliper kits and pistons? Pretty sure they are listed. Also try Harmon Classic Brakes. They advertised their rebuild parts on ebay, all the time, but haven't had to look lately. https://harmonclassicbrakes.com/parts-we-carry/...