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    The assaholics just keep coming....Kyle Busch now but most of us already knew that he's

    I also find it hard to believe he forgot it. The only time I carry is when at our cabin in the mountains. Our game cameras pick up cougars within a couple hundred feet of our cabin periodically. The only times I forget I have a loaded gun in the car was when leaving our cabin to drive home...
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    Bought a new toy

    Enjoyed reading this. We have an old Ariens rider mower that is all metal and does a great job. I just had a friend offer me his 15 year old Cub Cadet rider for free. I wasn't sure I wanted another project but decided to take it on. I mean, a mower for free, how could I resist. It cranks over...
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    The night a Super Bee scared hell out of me (Ed Story alert...)

    A very good story to read. The car just had to show you it still had it. Terry W.
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    What did you do to your Mopar today?

    Reinstalling the dash wiring back into the dash frame on 72 Challenger. Replaced melted/damaged bulkhead box with another one I had. Not running the red and black wires through the bulkhead connection box and doing alternator bypass. For now, I have the black and red wires attached to the same...
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    What did you do to your Mopar today?

    I moved two 360 crankshafts from one side of my shop where they have been stored for 20 years to a shelf on the other side of the shop . I can't believe how much weight they've put on in 20 years. It was difficult for the 71 year old me to pick them up and move them. I had to take the rest of...
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    What did you do today....other than work on your car!?

    Got back last night from spending the day at the cabin. Started construction on a storage/shower house building (12' by 8'). Cut some grass. Did some target shooting. Terry W.
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    My reverse shift rod has left the conversation...

    I've had the shifter rod fall out twice in the 50 years I've owned my 71 Challenger. The first time was in 1973 after having a transmission shop do some work on it. It bent the rod when I pulled over to the side of the road and it hit a crack. I was able to straighten it out with no damage done...
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    Bat **** Crazy Neighbor

    Here's one for you that just happened about two weeks ago in our residential neighborhood. A family in a house across the street and 3 houses down are rather strange. The husband/father likes to walk around talking to himself and he will say hello and makes off the wall comments sometimes. His...
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    What did you do today....other than work on your car!?

    I've been attending the Hunter Education Class this week with my grandson who wants to start hunting up on our place in the mountains. I don't hunt but I encounter hunters on my place all the time. Some have my permission and some don't. I have a friend who is quite the hunter and fisherman who...
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    Was your dad a gear head or no?

    My dad was an electrician by trade but really liked cars. He helped me put clutches in my Challenger when I ruined them. We had our disagreements at times but we both really liked cars. I drove my 2015 Challenger Shaker to Iowa from Washington state to show him. Even though he wasn't able to get...
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    Warning: Dealership Rant!

    My 2015 Shaker Challenger with 5.7 went in to the dealer as the rear camera was acting up. I told them I'm sure the plug in the trunk lid is loose. Simple fix, right. Nope. That evening , the dealer called and said they had good news and bad news. Good news- camera plug was loose. Bad news - the...
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    Warning: Dealership Rant!

    Two weeks ago, we had to take my wife's 2021 Jeep Compass Trailhawk in because there was a terrible growling noise coming from the engine and we were getting ready to cross the Arizona desert to 4 corners. We are from Washington state. Fortunately, we were in Phoenix at the time. I knew it was...
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    Cars for sale with NO price listed...

    I figure that a place that has a car for sale and the price is not shown is either embarrassed by the high price being asked or are ashamed of the car. I won't even look at vehicles that don't have the price shown. I can determine if I can afford it or not. Terry W.
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    Saw this on FB

    Funny. At my age, I'd have a tough time crawling over the seats after crawling through the tailgate opening to get into the driver's seat. Terry W.
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    How to be too cool

    So, do they get attention? :) Terry W.
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    How to be too cool

    That looks like snow on the side of the road by the guard rail. More than cool - frozen? Terry W.
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    The 4-door Barracuda at Mecum

    This one?
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    Restoring An Old Mopar With An Extremely Bad Back?

    I ask my 18-year-old grandson to help when working on the car becomes very difficult. I'm 71. He helps but needs to be asked. He wants the 72 Challenger I'm currently working on but doesn't volunteer his help. If he only knew I'd sell the car to him when completed for the cost of parts if he...
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    Christmas Present to my Wife

    Fantastic gifts both in the treatment she received and the car you got her. May you both have a great Christmas and an even better New Year. Terry W.
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    'Bidness' news channel says the majority is now mortgage free.....

    Mine has been paid off for several years now. It's a 4 bedroom, 2 bath home. We've had several people very close to us tell us we should get a bigger home. This one is already too big for us as empty nesters and we don't want another mortgage payment. We're good. Our cabin on 20 acres up in the...