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  1. WP29440SE

    thanks Joey!

    site is running great for me since the update.. best it has all year. loads on the first shot!
  2. WP29440SE

    Covid Vaccine. Please Do Not make this political.

    not a chance in hell. nobody knows what long term effects could result. I'll take my chances
  3. WP29440SE

    Joey's sites down for maintenance again?

    well it didn't take 3 attempts to load on my phone today so the update must be working!
  4. WP29440SE

    Weird Engine Noise

    rod bearing.
  5. WP29440SE

    I want to take my 73 chargers motor and trans out but arised an issue

    not unless you chop it out or drill spotwelds. your engine will come out with that in place.
  6. WP29440SE

    Help please, Edelb 1407 float levels and pressure

    15/16 drop with gasket in place. it sounds like you are pushing fuel past the needle and seat. you need to get the pressure down between 5 and 5.5. make sure they are clean of debris and not binding
  7. WP29440SE

    I think you guys will have fun ripping the "Road Runner" apart.

    the flippers favorite color!
  8. WP29440SE

    LS Swapped 69 Charger

    that's where your wrong. everybody and their brothers , sisters and husbands are shoving those boring *** ls crap engines in everything with wheels on the planet. once you've seen an ls swap you've seen them all. it's boring as hell and been done a million times over already. there is absolutely...
  9. WP29440SE

    Let’s see your 50s mopars.

    that is such a cool looking chunk of steel, one of my all time favorite mopars
  10. WP29440SE

    The new ram sucks

    I still love my old 95 1500 5 speed manual 5.2 magnum 4x4 with 121,000 flawless ticks on the clock. this thing has NEVER let me down or left me walking
  11. WP29440SE

    LS Swapped 69 Charger

    that's just ******* gross. the spray painted black engine bay is a nice touch.
  12. WP29440SE

    $329,000.00 Road Runner for sale (not mine)

    it's cool, but not 329k worth of cool. I could put together much more coolness for that kind of loot
  13. WP29440SE

    Zen Master Tony on Serenity

    dude is a hack
  14. WP29440SE

    Off-Beat '71 Road Runner For Sale: $32,500 (not mine)

    it's a dealership. lipstick on a fat ugly chick. the picture of the axle covered in dirt and gear lube says it all
  15. WP29440SE

    1974 Dodge Charger Bumper Locations

    those kits aren't year specific. a couple are for the glove box door, the rear license plate. mine also contained bumpers for the hideaway doors
  16. WP29440SE

    Dave Schultz owner of Moparstyle forums calls it quits

    it's been a while, but I think it was super77se , but I could be wrong. haven't been there in years. I posted a whole mess of information on the later B bodies, 75-79.
  17. WP29440SE

    Dave Schultz owner of Moparstyle forums calls it quits

    I was actually a mod over there a number of years ago. I lost interest because of this place, and that there were usually only around 10 posts a day.
  18. WP29440SE

    After 7 months it's back together!

    yaa man, that's fkn badass
  19. WP29440SE

    Classic Industries electric parts fail, strike two.

    *(circus music blasting)* :rolleyes: