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  1. OldGuyGTX

    Coolant in oil, fresh build

    Many years ago we raised a sunken Chris Craft outfitted with counter rotating 413s, we used kerosene in the same procedure as you described to save the internals, but it didn't have head issues to trouble shoot. Both engines ran fine afterward.
  2. OldGuyGTX

    Torque converter help

    Specifics please
  3. OldGuyGTX

    New tires for the 69 GTX

    I have 15" wheels on a '69 GTX, super track pac, 4.1 gear. http://www.wallaceracing.com/calc-gear-tire-rpm-mph.php I like this website, very helpful in choosing aftermarket OD transmissions combined with tire diameter.
  4. OldGuyGTX

    New Member From Arizona! 1969 Charger RT

    Welcome from Cochise County, more pics please
  5. OldGuyGTX

    What I have and future plans

    Sometimes things don't work out as planned. A good friend and myself (mostly him) were planning on installing a/c, and after some years of his wanting to buy my Camaro (very fast), I agreed to show him the total package so we could negotiate a price, and show him what big block 440 torque is all...
  6. OldGuyGTX

    What I have and future plans

    I enjoy working with numbers and will often research for months before making serious purchase decisions, head flow numbers, matching cams (shift point rpm drops between gears) to transmission/diff ratios et al. Software helps with different comparisons, but most importantly, helps me to...
  7. OldGuyGTX

    What I have and future plans

    Good to know, I didn't realize the value amount was that high. :)
  8. OldGuyGTX

    What I have and future plans

    Understand, so many choices and so little time. :) With the 30% overdrive, 4.56 gear works out to a final ~3.19 gear. In this part of Arizona, it's BIG country, by that I mean lots of land area and sparse population. I was leaving Tucson the other day, warm and cloudless sky, and the flow of...
  9. OldGuyGTX

    Just saw that 2 more Tracks closed...

    Very sad to see this happening in so many places :( Tucson is open for everyone, including snowbirds. :) https://www.tucsondragway.com/ It was 48F at 4:00AM when I left Tucson this morning. :)
  10. OldGuyGTX

    What carb for 440

    From Lunati Is your Q-jet 750cfm or 800cfm? Stall? A/F ratio? Many, many years ago when I went from being a straight line enthusiast to being an off-road desert enthusiast, I had a built K5 Blazer with a sbc 406, camelback 2.02 heads, 11:1 @4500ft, Lunati .230/.230 109/107 @0.50--cam tech...
  11. OldGuyGTX

    What I have and future plans

    Agree, can't go there with green interior and tan body color, bad, bad mental imagery. :D
  12. OldGuyGTX

    What I have and future plans

    We didn't see many metallic painted cars back in the 60s, I didn't think about green one way or another, but seeing the F8 paint for the first time, all those decades ago, won me over. It was love at first sight seeing the F8 hemi rr and 0-60 on the test drive was music to the ears and a push on...
  13. OldGuyGTX

    What I have and future plans

    The Mrs likes your video too, we both like the exhaust sound and seat colors.
  14. OldGuyGTX

    What I have and future plans

    Unfortunately, it did not. :( Do you know when it was restored? The trunk and rear window areas look excellent.
  15. OldGuyGTX

    What I have and future plans

    Very nice. Yes, the Air Grabber hoods add character and functional good looks. :)
  16. OldGuyGTX

    What I have and future plans

    I understand it was a nice group there, wish I could have met the owner at one of the car shows. The previous owner before me passed away. I was hoping there would be forum members who recognized the car and could tell me more about it. :) This car was also at the MoPar Nationals August 1989 at...
  17. OldGuyGTX

    What I have and future plans

    Just a few things to fix, wipers, heater, horn...but this 69 super track pak is in great shape It has a period correct engine, unknown as to what happened with the original, the 833 has been replaced by a 727, not the original hood, Edelbrock 1407 and headers This garaged Michigan car is...
  18. OldGuyGTX

    Cam lasted 5 minutes

    I'm not an engine builder. CompCams had a poor reputation for surface hardening their cam cores back in the 80s, it appears that reputation hasn't gone away. This linked article is a very good read about cam installation process, do's and don'ts, a short reference to cam core surface hardening...
  19. OldGuyGTX

    Transmission Options for 5.7 swap

    These babies hook up really well with a 'few' mods. :) 6L90e for superchargers