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  1. Darius

    HAN Reno

    Kind of like a few years back with the smoke. Glad I stayed in Sacramento where it is relatively clear....very slight haze and no odor this morning.
  2. Darius

    FINALLY a car show in the Sacramento area!

    I talked to this guy yesterday. He said he doubts there will be any swap spaces left by Saturday. If you are going, better call him if you don't have a spot paid for yet.
  3. Darius

    FINALLY a car show in the Sacramento area!

    ARCO has been closed for a few years now that they have the new arena downtown.
  4. Darius

    FINALLY a car show in the Sacramento area!

    I will also be there unless someone buys my car before then.
  5. Darius

    FINALLY a car show in the Sacramento area!

    May not be all MOPAR but it is a start at least.
  6. Darius

    Spring Fling?????

    Steve posted elsewhere it is cancelled.
  7. Darius

    Nor Cal...Didn't this used to be called Kool April Nites?

    They must have feared reprisal from you Greg so they corrected the spelling!
  8. Darius

    Spring Fling?????

    Where do you think L.A. "learned" it from????
  9. Darius

    Spring Fling?????

    By now we would surely have heard of an April or May date. I'm guessing the" leadership" in L.A. has cancelled EVERYTHING indefinitely?????????
  10. Darius

    CRUISIN' THE COAST 2020 Mississippi Gulf Coast..Hurricane DELTA gone, IT'S ON! Saturday 10/10!

    Sorry to hear of your troubles Brother, hope you get it all solved.As it turned out last year, I had to cancel due to family issues then the Wife was diagnosed with Breast Cancer ( all is EXTREMELY well now!). I took the GTX to the local track after I had to cancel but if I had come my car would...
  11. Darius

    Sacramento Raceway Park Mopar Magic is ON !

    Is this still a happening thing???
  12. Darius

    Southern CA Fall Fling is ON !

    Very cool! Thanks for what must have been one hell of a lot of work to keep it going Steve!
  13. Darius

    car shows cancelled

    Who ever is "allowed" to have the first show somewhere is going to get BURIED!
  14. Darius

    Willow Springs Thursday

    Yes the day after Spring Fling was officially canx. I emailed him the morning after I found out about SF. Which was the morning after his canx date.
  15. Darius

    Willow Springs Thursday

    I emailed with Tim, the co-ordinator. He told me it was not and actually said he and another had rented a 5 bedroom house if I wanted to stay there!!! I told him the morning after the refund cancel date, which was a Sunday, that I would not go since the Fling was cancelled. i have not seen a...
  16. Darius

    Willow Springs Thursday

    Did anyone go??