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    Finally got to drag race!

    Is it a bit retarded? There's a two-lane blacktop county road nearby that I go to. Dead ends into a bluff about a mile from a four-way stop and nobody lives on it. I'm not sure why it's there, but it is cool if you want to test and tune on clean, dry asphalt.
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    old car magazines

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    old car magazines

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    old car magazines

    1964 426 Hemi road racer from New Zealand. slot car magazine
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    old car magazines

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    Indy. We were pretty good, got beat when we good, then I was bad

    No pictures? I always hope for fellow FBBO member cars when I see titles like yours. It helps me work harder towards making my own.
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    Why you should inspect your Racecar. It could save you

    ES The torque thrusts were new, the year was 1975. They were on the front with G-70 Dunlops. I drove hard on mountain roads. I went to chrome reverse wheels at K-Mart. They were $10 each. With stock hubcaps and Hemi mufflers, I became almost invisible to cops. My ticket numbers went way...
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    Why you should inspect your Racecar. It could save you

    Heard a noise in front. It was a cracked T-Thrust. Went back to steel wheels and original hubcaps. I like pushing corners, alloy wheels do not.
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    Hit a deer on the track

    Deer are thick where I live, so I try to avoid driving in the dark. They are not survivor type, intelligent animals. Either those turbos are strong or you got it slowed a bunch, usually, deer totally destroy front ends.
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    Hit a deer on the track

    Are you sure it wasn't a Coyote in a Deer costume?
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    I bought a Sling Shot dragster today

    My Uncle had one in the 60's. It had a 301 SB Chevy (283 bored out 1/8" ). I sat in it a few times, right on the diff. He traded it and put the engine in an Anglia drag car that he kept in my Dad's garage. We had fun sitting in them and pretending to race. Not my Uncle's car
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    Bore limit?

    Cylinders take on a Taper from wear, becoming a cone shape. Boring returns them to a cylinder shape. Depending on how much taper it has, it may or may not need to be bored. Less is better, as when the bore taken to the block's limits, issues like cracks or overheating can occur. Boring the...
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    Fluid Dynamic Engineer in the House? Air filters and CFM's

    Wondering how filter size is determined. More exactly, what is the smallest filter that can be used on a 500 cfm 2 barrel. Online converters say the a 440 at 5000 rpm makes 31 cfm. I have no idea what that means. Can a filter be rated by total square inches of paper? I need an air cleaner...
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    racing helmet

    How's a Buco?
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    pre oiling top end of 440 motor

    Turn the crank VERY slowly. Is the pump turned clock wise or CCW?
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    I have a 1966 Chrysler New Yorker I want to sell

    It looks too nice to part out. I sold a Chrysler on FCBO last year and had a tremendous response to it. There is a tag on the front driver's fender under the hood that will tell you everything about the car when decoded, provided it is all original.
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    I have a 1966 Chrysler New Yorker I want to sell

    You joined the wrong group. Try FCBO, a group for C body enthusiasts. Everybody from here will only be looking at it like drivetrain vampires
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    1966-1967 pixs

    They look similar to these.
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    1966-1967 pixs

    I love history. Especially coming from the people who made it. What is the story of those Headers? Please post all the photos you want, the step by step evolution of drag racing is interesting.