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  1. vitamin c

    FOR SALE 71 440 avs carb

    Id be interested in your carb, if your open to offers. Im in Holland , so i wouldnt think shipping could be too bad.
  2. vitamin c

    Heavy duty drum brakes help

    What i have found with most hardware kits is they are not made for the 3'' shoes, so you end up with pins that are too short to secure the shoe to the backing plate. The last Napa kits i bought also had an incorrect spring that secures the self adjuster. What i found the toughest is the front...
  3. vitamin c

    Machine gun tips

    Interesting your car has resonators. I've always thought they were on Hemi's or in some cases six packs
  4. vitamin c

    Installing my 426 Hemi back into the engine bay questions...

    I just reinstalled the Hemi in my 68 Charger through the top and it was one of the easiest installs I've ever done. I installed it with the clutch and bell on the motor and put the 833 in from underneath.
  5. vitamin c

    Any tank nuts here? WW1, WW2 Korea, Vietnam?

    I also enjoy this thread
  6. vitamin c

    Irresponsible Mancini customer service

    I've ordered from Mancini for several years and will probably continue. With that said, there customer service is pretty bad. My complaint is the just the rude attitude with those guys. My last big order for a complete 8 3/4, axles , and drive shaft was the tipping point for me, with the "mis...
  7. vitamin c

    Story of my first A12

    It shows U7S
  8. vitamin c

    Story of my first A12

    My early 329 Road Runner has the body color broadcast sheet code and F70X on the trunk lid
  9. vitamin c

    Story of my first A12

    The cars came with black wheels, no caps. I think all the build sheets show body color wheels.
  10. vitamin c

    Information on Six Pack Bee

    Thank you, yes ill end up with this one at the pure stock drags. The Charger currently has the motor out getting freshened up. Ill get it back on the drag strip also.
  11. vitamin c

    Information on Six Pack Bee

    Yes R4,. I do know Dave, he is looking through his notes, but told me he may not know much more about it, that is why I decided to reach out here. You never know who could pop up.
  12. vitamin c

    Information on Six Pack Bee

    I picked up the car a couple months back and really didn't get much documentation other than the Title dating back to 80's, fender tag, and matching body numbers. It appears to have had some race car history, just wondering if anyone recognizes it.
  13. vitamin c

    Information on Six Pack Bee

    Looking for any information on 69 1/2 Six Pack Bee WM23M9A255804 Believed to have come out of Texas in the late 90's early 2000
  14. vitamin c

    FOUND 69 B-Body Dodge drive shaft 50.96''

    Yes I have dealt with DTS, and they are a good company. I would prefer a factory shaft with the tapered ends for this car. Anyone know who does the reproduction shafts?
  15. vitamin c

    FOUND 69 B-Body Dodge drive shaft 50.96''

    Thanks Darrin, I had no idea that these are reproduced. What kind of money are we talking?? My New A-12 Bee has Plymouth front hangers and an aftermarket shaft.
  16. vitamin c

    FOUND 69 B-Body Dodge drive shaft 50.96''

    Looking for a 69 Super Bee factory drive shaft, length 50.96''. I cant seem to find the 69 part number, but the 68 is 2852326 50.96 X 3'' 7290 joints.
  17. vitamin c

    FOUND 69 BEE upper behind headlight metal front fender splash shields

    Looking for the upper behind headlight metal splash shields for 69 BEE. cant seem to find reproductions for these