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    Not my favorite year, BUT THE definition of the ULTIMATE representation of the "Roadrunner" concept as Plymouth described...

    my first ride in a RR was a black '68 with a 383 4 speed. The guy made it howl... made me smile
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    Valve Cover Gaskets 68 Roadrunner 383

    While an absolute pain to remove, Permatex #2 will seal. I sometimes use it with cork. If I know I will be making adjustments, I glue the cork to the valve cover with #2 and then I oil the side that comes in contact with the head. I've also used it both sides to be certain of no leaks...
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    What is the best way to identify all of the part names?

    Not sure how to find one, but a buddy showed me a parts catalog of body parts. It had exploded drawings with the parts named: i.e. I didn't know there was a rear cowl as well as a front.
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    For posterity: VIN XX29L9B217195

    They're a discrete Daytona. Ultra cool, but not over the top. How much faster was the Daytona?
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    1969 Plymouth

    Sometimes an owner will take payments if the rig stays put until paid off.
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    Settle a Bet

    I'm impressed by any old Hemi car, and not that much less impressed by a homemade one. Like a **** star claiming 12 when he only has 11. It's still scary.