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    Getting close! Had this car for 23 years finally getting it finished and on tj road

    I prefer the blue. It reveals the lines quietly
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    Tachometer pod for factory gauge?

    Could look at non working Tachs on eBay. I might have one or two since they aren't worth selling as is and I can't throw anything away, but I have no idea what you need without seeing it.
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    Burned 71 Charger R/T on Copart

    there's a 69 Charger with a sunroof in a local yard. The body is rusted to the door handles, but the roof and sail panels are good. They want $500, but I'm not going to pay that much. I offered $300 and that's it.
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    ID numbers on a 74 charger

    I Googled: Fender tag location 1974 Charger, and got this: Dig you find two holes?
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    Going to the paint shop... what to beware of?

    Why would these shops want a project in their shop for years? Would think they would want to impose minimums on themselves to keep it moving. These cars cost money to set. They will learn that when the place catches fire and the insurance company denies the claim because the $30,000 shell...