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    $10,000 Cash Finder's Fee Still Available

    Did you ask the car lot about employees or former owners who worked there at the time? It's a small world and some people have great memories.
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    STOLEN: 1972 Dodge Challenger in California.

    Somewhere, they got out of a car. Walk the neighborhood in concentric circles looking for cameras.
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    STOLEN: 1972 Dodge Challenger in California.

    It is amazing sometimes watching 48 hours. Everybody has cameras these days and the detectives watch somebody until they pass out of camera range, then pick up another camera from another owner, following and gathering info. If I had a camera video showing your crime, it would make my day to...
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    STOLEN: 1972 Dodge Challenger in California.

    Yeah, why the Nitrous bottle? Did they know it was there beforehand? Seems like it. Check out eBay and CL near you for fast moving, easy to remove, and expensive parts. i.e. Dual Snorkel Air Cleaner, Rallye Wheels, fender scoops...
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    67 Coronet RT convertible

    You could try this guy, his name is Steve Redicker (something like that) If I have the right guy, he is from the area and has been into Mopars for a long time.
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    Looking for a 69 Bee that was at FT. Campbell, KY in 1993-1997

    If you can find the VIN, a lot of them show up on the internet