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    WTB Looking for Mopar converted to a 6 pack setup to test fit my air cleaner

    I forgot to say: no modifications are needed, other than removing the two studs for the lid. My air cleaner uses a different fastening method. Nothing needs to be installed, it will just sit there without fastening.
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    WTB Looking for Mopar converted to a 6 pack setup to test fit my air cleaner

    I made an air cleaner for my Dodge and I think it might be something that would sell. Maybe not, but that's okay, I built it for me and I'll use it. Beyond that, it's all fun. Living in the boonies, there are no 6 pack cars around here to test fit and I think it would be good to see what it...
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    WTB Want to Examine a B Body w/longblock & no intake, Eastern Wyoming or Montana.

    I want to take some measurements of a B Body with RB long block in place. I have an intake, carb, and air cleaner assembly built for a Cee Body and I want to see with my own eyes that they will fit before proceeding with my project. I want to set the assembly on a long block and put balls of...
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    WTB 1971 440+6 intake

    Everywhere, apparently. I was looking for one also. I wrote it off as when they get enough orders, Edelbrock tools up. Figured I would wait for that day.
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    FOUND 1967 coronet hood

    Greyhound limit is: 29x47x82
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    WTB Looking for this as a my last project

    Facebook must block things, but that's where it is for $9K
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    WTB Holley rear bowl (early dual feed) poor condition is okay

    Thanks BP, I have an outboard 6 Pack carb. It's a good carb, or I would experiment on it. I'd buy a whole 6 Pack outboard carb that is not rebuildable if I could.
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    WTB Holley rear bowl (early dual feed) poor condition is okay

    Need one for a mock up that I will grind and sand to make fit. So stripped threads, crack, or corrosion will work fine. Don't need the float or small parts, just the bowl.
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    How to Search for OEM Parts

    Part numbers are a way to save money on eBay. People list things by the number without doing research to find out what it fits.
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    WTB 67 coronet Fender R/T emblems

    Are these them? or is it they?
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    WTB looking for 66 charger exhaust system.

    Is your PM full? I see no way to send one. I have a pair of 3 inch pipes with mufflers and bullet tips I'm not going to use. I'm going OEM.
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    WTB 66 Satellite driver's side rocker molding

    Sounds like a guy should invent square end caps for plumbing. Yeah, I looked at Menards and they want $21 for 4 inch. It would fit in 3 inch schedule 40, but I wonder how stiff that is in 7 feet. If the box is 2 inches in all directions, they have to cover the insurance, but insurance...
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    WTB Where to find round back, single field rebuilt, alternator?

    On this site, you can probably find one with a proper date code and have it rebuilt locally. A good local shop will likely use quality parts as they don't want to see it come back. The Stores don't care, returns and replacements are usual business for them.
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    WTB 1966/67 Charger Tail Panel

    need the panel that holds the taillights. Would prefer the whole tail as the left side is bent.
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    WTB 1967 Rear speaker control

    Can you post a photo? I have a box of orphan switches, relays, and such. There's stuff of that vintage in it.
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    WTB engine fire, need engine & lights harnesses 66 Charger 383

    Had a fuel line split and leak. When the engine got warm enough, poof! Luckily, I had an extinguisher to stop it there, but the harnesses are toast. Didn't see any smoke inside, so hopefully, the Dash harness is still good. 1966 Charger 383, W/O Air Conditioning. Think any 66-67 big block...
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    WTB '66 383

    You probably checked, but Fastenal (Blue Lane Freight) has resumed shipping to some locations. It can be checked by going to their website and plugging in zip codes. If that fails, I would call my local Fastenal and ask if any locations near by are accepting freight. It must be a choice left to...