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    Street Racing Stories

    A Hayabusa lined up with me at the stoplight. I knew he'd slaughter me, but thought I'd entertain him. He ended up stalling it on the line, and then losing his balance and dropping it.... which I cheerfully watched in my rear view. That's right, I street raced a Hayabusa and won :thumbsup:
  2. 69a100

    Facebook Group Parts for sale, Possible Scam? Thoughts?

    It wants me to sign in to fudgebook, I dumped that dickfore and I'm not going back!!! As a side note. Ever since I dumped them, the spam in my spam folder has dropped from over 50 spams @ day to now less than 3. That should say something as to how borked up Zuckerfucker's site really is! Caveat...
  3. wagonman

    help with edelbrock AVS2 model 1906

    What he said ^ sounds like a good douching with carb clean is in order. They are not that hard to pull apart and really get it cleaned.
  4. mrmolding

    Tony's Parts is for Sale

    Hmm. So, do you think we looking at a market crash for the prices of these cars and that's why Tony's getting out? I know it's difficult to predict a collector market, but I'm wondering if 57 Chevy's or Model T's got this high and then most of the enthusiasts have passed away and prices...
  5. jamey

    FOR SALE 1967 Belvedere project car

    Nice! I'm about 55 miles away, maybe 1.5 hours.
  6. D

    What all components are needed for the pop up headlights 1970 dodge charger

    Kern if you can do pictures of the inside of the headlight doors I would appreciate it. Your pictures are amazing. I realize what I am missing from the stock system. Trying to see how I can get the (SmartTpants)TM 68 69 headlight conversion to work. If it does work I am going to post up a thread...
  7. wagonman

    FOR SALE 1966-72 727 Speedometer Pinion Gear Housing

    Still looking for the 21-25 tooth adaptor. Got One?
  8. Hemirunner

    Talk me out of a hellcat.

    I wish somebody would have talked me out of selling my 2016 Hellcat. The only thing I didn’t like was that junk 6 speed.
  9. gtx6970

    Tony's Parts is for Sale

    Agreed And if memory serves me right. He has been offering it for sale for more than just the past year. When he sold off several upper end cars the writing was on the wall. Problem is, his competitors are near the same age. So, his target buyers pool is dwindling and fast,,,,, and the time...
  10. pnora

    Console light lenses

    I had some issues also. I do not remember exactly what I did. Those pins are brittle and I think they may only fit one way. Measure the diameter of the pin to the holes you are enlarging. Even if you get them to big a dab of silicone or epoxy will keep them in.
  11. wagonman

    Now for something Really Different.

    1973 Thing. Did this for My Brother. Hope He gives Me a nice tip when he sells. Then I can through more $$ at my Mopars. Was a NY car with minimal rust, been off the road for many years just sitting in garages. 45K on the ODO. Still getting the interior squared away, doing it myself. It is a 48...
  12. Skytrooper

    Next installment in the saga

    Oops, park or neutral is the correct statement. I have had the shifter cable disconnected at both ends and it operates freely. The shift lever on the transmission functions correctly. I am almost positive that something internal has failed. I put the car up on jack stands this morning...
  13. G

    FOR SALE Thermoquads 6139 and 6340 one 72 Auto/one 73 Auto

    Bump.....The last two 340 Carbs out of my collection. and the best two it looks like!
  14. G

    FOR SALE Multiple Torqueflite transmission.................$275.00

    $385 if no extra charges if it is to a business address and no liftgate required. It is only about 150 and I can load it by myself.
  15. hanks73340

    The Meme not a Meme Thread Part DEUX

    Especially in Michigan!
  16. dadsbee

    70RR. Wheel well moundings!

    We gett'm in da box...
  17. S

    ISO Rear Quarter Glass Seal/Rubber

    Probably an impossible part to find but has anyone replaced the seal/rubber around the rear quarter glass?