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  1. 1967coronet

    WTB 1970 ,71,72,73 challenger ralley hood used.

    Looking for a 70s challenger ralley hood used, rust in the bottom braces ok , bent corners ok. I'm just after the top skin and scoops, like to find one in the midwest so I can just road trip it. I've never signed up to e bodies but thought I would try here 1st. Thanks
  2. 1967coronet

    FOUND Police dog dish caps

    Mark, thanks I have a member that has sent me some pics of a set. Dont take any pics yet. Thanks for the reply back.
  3. 1967coronet

    FOUND Police dog dish caps

    Thanks, but looking for the police style with the holes.
  4. 1967coronet

    FOUND Police dog dish caps

    Looking for a set of nice police style dog dish caps.
  5. 1967coronet

    WTB WTB - 14x6 steel wheels

    There is a set of 14 x 6 wheels listed in the tires and wheels for sale thread .
  6. 1967coronet

    WTB 67 coronet armrest pad

    ebay item 373489267941 or classic industries , both places you have to buy a pair though.
  7. 1967coronet

    WTB WTB set of four 14" X 6" (5.5" will do) Steel Wheels decent price, may be worth a phone call , UPS will ship them , might get the guy to dismount the old tires if you toss him a few more bucks.
  8. 1967coronet

    WTB used RB dual plane aluminum intake manifold

    looking for a used aluminum dual plane intake for a 440 edelbrock , weiand, offenhauser, just something to replace the cast iron one. clean or dirty don't matter as long as its a good one I can clean it up. Thanks.
  9. 1967coronet

    WTB Wanted- brackets and pulleys &power steering pump for 383

    Brackets will depend on what type of pump you will use. If your going to use the Saginaw pump you can get brackets { aprox $60 } and pulley from a few of the vendors that advertise here. If your using the federal or trw pump it will take a different bracket , new ones for those are pricey, best...