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  1. RJS

    Valve Train Issues

    I have always been leery of Comps lifters since they are usually noisier than most. So when I upgraded the cam in my stock 383 recently I wanted to use the old MP "Hemi Grind" cam. I looked at the specs and wasn't wanting a 108 CL so saw Comp had the newer version in their "Nostalgia Cams" with...
  2. RJS

    Mild 400, What gear and converter?

    I know I'm not really answering your question but here is my 2cents: Pick a different intake manifold, a TM-6 is a horsepower open plenum. I would use an old Holley Street dominator intake. As far as gearing 3.55 minimum and a 2500-2800 11" or 10" convertor. I would speak to PTC for the...
  3. RJS

    1971Hemi Roadrunner Dana 60 A33 track package question

    Any axle housing with a 9 16 70 date is going into a 71 car, so what I was saying is the correct width flange to flange and perch to perch would be an axle assembly in/from a 1971 or 1972 B-body. 1970 housing is different (narrower). Ron
  4. RJS

    1971Hemi Roadrunner Dana 60 A33 track package question

    You are speaking of internals right? The housing is only 71-2 for B-body Ron
  5. RJS

    Air grabber air cleaner ***.

    Yes there is a height difference to make up for lo deck and hi deck. Place base on a flat surface, if the carb opening isn't pushing the whole assembly up off the flat surface you have a 440 base. Place base on a flat surface if the carb opening is touching the flat surface first and holding the...
  6. RJS

    4 speed conversion advice please

    I believe you need a different tail shaft housing to put that setup in you car with a console. Or I should say you would on a 71-2 Road Runner GTX. I'm not well versed in 73-4 but in 71-2 your shifter would bolt to rear of tail and then uses a different trans cross member and mount than your...
  7. RJS

    Mopar Performance RB distributors...Modifying for LESS advance?

    Did you read my post???? The distributor is extremely tunable.
  8. RJS

    Mopar Performance RB distributors...Modifying for LESS advance?

    I just went though this with my MP Distributor. You need the no longer sold kit P/N P5153446 The internals are from Mallory on these distributors. After ordering that P/N at Sumitt, Mega,and a few other places and having it cancelled due to no stock I found one at YearOne. There is a Mallory kit...