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  1. toolmanmike

    FOR SALE 1972 Plymouth Roadrunner

    If you advertise the car to be sold as a whole you need a price. If you pull parts off and sell them separately you need a price on those. I allow 'no prices "on parts car ads where the buyer asks if *** part is available. The price for those parts should be talked about in a PM.
  2. toolmanmike

    FOR SALE 68/69 Satellite/RR/GTX parting out

    Hey guys do not post personal information directly to a post or thread. Send it behind the scenes in a personal message.
  3. toolmanmike

    FOR SALE Parting 63 Dodge Polara 4dr

    No one posted any photos. There have been no posts deleted from this thread until a min. ago when I cleaned the thread up a bit. There were comment posts and Bumps from you which are both against sale rules.
  4. toolmanmike

    FOR SALE Parting 63 Dodge Polara 4dr

    This thread slipped through the cracks. You need some photos of what these guys are buying.
  5. toolmanmike

    SOLD 62 dart

  6. toolmanmike

    SOLD 1969 Road Runner

    Looks like you got it working. Thanks @kiwigtx for the help.
  7. toolmanmike

    1979 chrysler 300 parts

    I will move this to the correct forum simply because there are questions already. Usually ads placed in the wrong forum are deleted so members can start over and read and follow the sale rules. Here's a link to the sale rules...
  8. toolmanmike

    FOR SALE 1963 Plymouth fenders

    Pics would be dandy.
  9. toolmanmike

    SOLD 1971 340 magnum motor

    According to contract law your $1600 price stands unless you close the sale thread. You can then open a new thread with all the information and a new price.
  10. toolmanmike

    SOLD 1971 340 magnum motor

    Click on their name and start a private conversation. I removed your phone number. Not allowed unless you are a Gold member..
  11. toolmanmike

    FOR SALE 1969 road runner/satellite parts

    Click on your "inbox" upper right by your name. Every message has "delete" to the right of the title. click on that and click on "leave conversation"