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  1. micmoe

    Caliper bracket issue/help

    You may have drum brake spindles, check into it. My conversion kit came with spindles that match the brackets.
  2. micmoe

    A727 Torqueflite Shift Points?

    Had the same problem after installing a cable for the kick down. Attempted several adjustments but couldn't get it to shift into 3rd. Got a local shop to help, they found it needed a return spring on the kickdown lever. Spring was installed and problem solved. You may want to try this fix.
  3. micmoe


    Welcome & congrats on the find. Can't wait to see your progress.
  4. micmoe

    Cruisin’ The Coast 2022 Mississippi Gulf Coast

    micmoe added a new event: Cruisin’ The Coast 2022 Mississippi Gulf Coast Read more about this event...
  5. micmoe

    Cruisin’ The Coast 2022 Mississippi Gulf Coast

    Oct 2, 2022 → Oct 9, 2022
    Cruisin’ The Coast 2022 October 2-9, 2022 Come check out "America's Largest Block Party" on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. go to to registers your MOPAR and check the event schedule.
  6. micmoe

    New B Body Mopar owner, ergo new FBBO member...

    Welcome form Mississippi! Get her rolling
  7. micmoe

    New and old in Wisconsin

    From MS Coast, Happy B Day and welcome to the forum. Love that color, beautyful car.
  8. micmoe

    Comment by 'micmoe' in item 'TTSaleen's 1968 Dodge Charger'

    Ya you fixed it and done Gooood. Love it!
  9. micmoe

    440 Pulley Alignment

    Thanks again to all you guys but mostly to pnora and snakeoil24, the pulley was spot on and shimming the SP aligned it.
  10. micmoe

    440 Pulley Alignment

    I agree 69a100, but that comes with barn finds and abandon cars. This is the fun part of working on old cars, getting them right! Thanks to all for the info, I've already ordered parts to correct the issue. MoFun - MoPar
  11. micmoe

    440 Pulley Alignment

    I noticed on Kern Dog's WP pulley it looks larger in Diameter than mine which is 6" in dia. This may also contribute to my issue. We'll see.
  12. micmoe

    440 Pulley Alignment

    Thanks a bunch to all you Guys, this info is a big help. I did mention I had to shim the Water Pump pulley to keep it from binding on the pump housing. I'll try the crank pulley swap and see what haps.
  13. micmoe

    440 Pulley Alignment

    Here is another twister for you guys. My 66 came with a 318 but the owner i got it from had put a 440 in it. I recently had to replace the water pump and found someone had used nuts between the pulley and the pump as shims. In the process I changed the Power steering pump to a Saginaw because I...
  14. micmoe

    Comment by 'micmoe' in item 'New to me 1966 Plymouth Satellite.'

    Love It, Love It, Can't hepl but Love It!
  15. micmoe

    FOR SALE 4 - 14'' Steel Wheels w/ Tires $200

    Original 66 Pymouth Belvedere wheels with tires. Tires purchased in 2012 low miles. One of 4 shown, outter side has been painted. Located in Ocean Springs, MS 39564
  16. micmoe

    Comment by 'micmoe' in item 'Restoration and modifications'

    Nice, super Nice. Like the engine setup. Whats the parts list for those goodies?
  17. micmoe

    Comment by 'micmoe' in item 'Matt's 67 Coronet 500'

    Look'n good! Don't worry about the haters they would have to out run you first. My Bev was an original 318 but it had the 440 in i when I got hold of it. Enjoy.
  18. micmoe

    Comment by 'micmoe' in item '“My 66 Plymouth Belvedere II” NEW update'

    Welcome to the 66/440 club!
  19. micmoe

    Comment by 'micmoe' in item 'The Kuda'

    Oooh Wee! Thats gonna be bitchin. keep up the good work
  20. micmoe

    Comment by 'micmoe' in item 'My 1966 Plymouth Belvedere ii UPDATE'

    That's good start, like those T/A's