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    BJ 2004. Hemi Superbird in brochure

    It is an insert from Sports Car Market. if the owner wants it, I'll send it
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    Richard Rawlings buys a Superbird.
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    Richard Rawlings buys a Superbird.

    Nowhere in the video does he pay in full or say anything about when full payment will be made.
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    Richard Rawlings buys a Superbird.

    He's already painted it Hugger Orange; then put in air bags and an LS. He gets paid by the views, good or bad. Your car has been "pre-disastered". I have a Triumph like that. I didn't take it so far from original that it can never go back, but that gives me the freedom to do whatever strikes...
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    Richard Rawlings buys a Superbird.

    Yeah, and he said he did something with the Hemi. It must have also been not original. Nobody would split an original Hemi from its Superbird in today's environment.
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    Daytona 500 Video

    Love the beginning. The sound of a Hemi running 200mph. France sucked. Chevy could have sponsored a team any time they wanted. The Space Race days of NASCAR were over.
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    Original/Unrestored Superbird

    Were there no stories as to where the original motor went? It's often a memorable event. It's a car worth a little detective work. If it's an investment, might as well run a WTB ad for the warranty motor and start hunting. They aren't going to get cheaper. It's a car that no one could...
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    32 Years Ago today...

    32 years ago I was offered a Superbird for $2,500. It has some rust behind the rear tires, so I passed. Somebody told me it is still around, but the rust goes half way up now.