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    Aluminum fuel lines, thoughts?

    I had an aircraft flaring tool and if I remember correctly, it said the flares were 37 1/2°. I always assumed the difference was to prevent people from using automotive parts on aircraft
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    1970 Dodge Charger 440 4bll carburetor questions

    Plugs, wires, cap, rotor, points and condensor if so equipped. Those parts come before carb work. A lot of poor performance is incorrectly blamed on the carb.
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    1970 Dodge Charger 440 4bll carburetor questions

    I was trying to be respectful towards your mechanic... and Holley, but off come the gloves. It's good to know our shortcomings, but to inflict a non-original Holley on a customer because you suck at carbs, gives the mechanic trade a bad name. Holley won't tell you not to dick up your car...
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    1970 Dodge Charger 440 4bll carburetor questions

    In my opinion, if your mechanic can't rebuild the carburetor, he or she should have suggested sending it out for a rebuild. They may not have luck with Carters, but all of the record holding Mopars with Carters seemed to do okay with them. Don't mess up your car by taking it away from...
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    Can worn valves mimic rich idle mix?
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    Can worn valves mimic rich idle mix?

    You can check for worn valves with a vacuum gauge.
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    440 6-pack fitment under a 67 Belvedere hood

    From the photo, it looks like it fits well below the hood. I'll bet that thing goes like hell. Barracudas must fit the same. What others have you tried? I have tried 70RR and 1966 Chrysler, they fit. I assume all '68 and beyond fit. I wonder about the early B's, they appear to have tall...
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    Performer RPM - Enough Hood Clearance 69 GTX?

    13x2 filter: 13x3.14= 41. 41x1.5= 61 Sq inches of filter. 10 horse power loss at 5,500 RPM for a 450 horse 440 according to
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    Can i run 100% AVGAS 100LL?

    I used to get a deal at a fuel terminal. Through that pipe, they would pump a few different octanes of AV gas. The purges between products would mix the tank I pumped from. They estimated the tank was at 103. I burned it in a high compression 2500 in a stripped down TR6. I guess I was...
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    Intake Manifolds - Question for build guru’s

    I had my 383 tuned years ago. It had 60,000 miles and ran good. The mechanic pulled the distributor and set it up on a Sun machine. I don't know what he replaced or adjusted, but that car never ran better. One of those: "Wow!" moments. Money well spent. Get an HEI Distributor and rid...
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    Intake Manifolds - Question for build guru’s

    Never read a thread about comparing Poly intakes, but judging from B intakes, the difference over stock is not worth the money. Might be better to take the cash and upgrade ignition or exhaust
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    How accurate are EFI carb Horsepower ratings, any wiggle room?

    What happens if your motor ends up making more HP than predicted and is more than the 400 horse reading?
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    B/RB Dual Quad measurement needed

    Considering a 2x4 on my Dodge and I want to make sure it will fit before I buy the air cleaners. I don't need any more stuff I can't use. The measurement I need is for just the inner lid depth.
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    Total height of 6 pack set up

    Thank you for the help. Which part of the lid did you go to?
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    Total height of 6 pack set up

    Looking for this measurement:
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    What Carb should I put on 440 going in 70 Coronet?

    Rebuilt motor and a little extra cash? Have to give serious thought to an EFI 4 barrel.
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    Cold Air Intake Setup

    Pontiac claimed 15 hp gain over regular TA's with this WS6 scoop.
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    Cold Air Intake Setup

    Headlight bucket? I assume the Grille, above it and below it, are high pressure areas. When a guy hits 90 mph, there is probably more pressure than one would guess. Nice, cool air for sure.
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    Cold Air Intake Setup

    I have always liked the 1968 W31 ram air. Simple and understated.