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  1. Runner 68

    what window felts did you buy?

    Wanted to go with Top Cats when I did mine but they were out of stock everywhere. Ended up going with Repops and they worked out just fine. Either should work well.
  2. Runner 68

    Looking for header suggestions

    I like Doug's and have great luck with them. But for $200 more I would go with TTIs. Plus Doug's doesn't provide a polished ceramic version. $1,100 dollars for top shelf headers is nothing for a part that will last a lifetime.
  3. Runner 68

    Fuel Line Size

    Dead heading tends to fry pumps.
  4. Runner 68

    Fuel Line Size

    Thanks everyone. 6-AN / 3/8 is the direction I was leaning for this set up for a variety of reasons. Yes, bypass regulator. Yes, return line. No EFI, 850 carb. Just an EFI pump. Thanks for helping confirm my decision. 6-AN makes several things much simpler in this application. Gotta love this...
  5. Runner 68

    Fuel Line Size

    Sorry if this question has been kicked around before but I couldn't find satisfaction in searching FBBO. I'm sure I will get a 50/50 split on here as I have talking to friends and gurus I know. 68 Runner, carbureted 850CFM, 500" stroker, ~600-650HP, internal tank EFI fuel pump regulated for...
  6. Runner 68

    SOLD 1966-70 Heater Underdash Duct Boxes

    Actually that box is not associated with the heater at all. It's the fresh air vent box for the driver side. Good luck.
  7. Runner 68

    FOR SALE 1969 roadrunner restored dash

    68 Superbird??? That is one rare Bird.
  8. Runner 68

    Did BFG ?

    Another option would be to smoke the rears off every year and replace them before they get brown. Can't help you with the fronts.
  9. Runner 68

    Did BFG ?

    Run black walls and forget about it. :D
  10. Runner 68

    69 Charger Grille Frame Paint

    Not sure what you mean by the grill frame. If you mean the the radiator support go with a matte black.
  11. Runner 68

    What is a good timing for my set up..

    Good 'Ol Budnicks still kicking out Sage advice. :thumbsup:
  12. Runner 68

    68 RM23 Roadrunner, The rebuild of an old friend

    It's been a bit. Plugging along here. Not sure if I'll hit my August deadline for drive ability but I'll keep working. August will be the 45th anniversary of me owning this car and its 55th anniversary since it was built. Good goal to push for but I'm not rushing. The rear end and brakes have...
  13. Runner 68

    WTB 440 engine builders

    A bit of of a drive but these guys are the best in the rocky mountain west. In Denver. Old school, fair pricing, very Mopar savvy, but they are always backed up if you don't mind the wait. 4 months out the last I heard. They are so old school they don't have a website. All the old school racers...
  14. Runner 68

    Sealing leaks RTV or?

    You answered your own question. Don't go cheap on valve cover gaskets. Sneak up on the torque. I have found 5-6 foot pounds to be plenty with a quality gasket. TStat housing is another issue all together. The old cast necks tend to mate better than anything. It all depends what material your...
  15. Runner 68

    Where do the front seatbelts go?

    In the front?
  16. Runner 68

    Cleaning the oil pickup

    That part is an aorta to the oiling system. Why **** around trying to clean it. Replace it with a quality part and be done with it.
  17. Runner 68

    What parts are not reproduced

    68 Plymouth B Body front turn signal housings pops into mind. Just purchased a sweet pair of used OEMs with mint OEM lenses from a member on here by pure luck.
  18. Runner 68

    Best oil for 440.....

    Did all the above answer your question FLARunner? :D Ever heard the expression that opinions are like ********? Well there you go. My vote goes with Ski's response.
  19. Runner 68

    69 B Body convertable quarter glass removal

    Removal is the reverse of the installation. Roll the window up and down until the bolts line up in the access holes on the inner panel. Unless you're working on a Nova it should be pretty idiot proof. :poke: I doubt the verts are different from the hardtops in this respect but I have been wrong...
  20. Runner 68

    SOLD 1969 HP 440 Long Block needs rebuild

    What's up with the blurred vision?