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  1. flyingfarley

    1964 vin stamps

    There is the s/o number on the radiator support and on the rear package tray on the driverside back of the tray, near the back window...Chrysler historical or what ever Chrysler/Fiat calls it today can supply you with all the information on your car from that number...I have not done it in many...
  2. flyingfarley


    This method worked for me......ordered my parts and got a 10% discount......THANKS PST
  3. flyingfarley

    64 Dodge only

    Love 64 wagons...always wanted to convert one to a two door wagon
  4. flyingfarley

    65 Doors fit ??

    1964 and 1965 dodge b bodies use the same doors...my 65 has 64 doors I put on
  5. flyingfarley

    My 64 Max -Wedge Build

    Beautiful job....the car turned out to be a stunning car....glad i was able to give some help along the way....great job
  6. flyingfarley

    64 polara price??

    Side trim looks like a 330 or 440 trim level...not a Polara
  7. flyingfarley

    Opinions on "Retro Nascar Paint Schemes"

    I did a Marty Robbins tribute car years ago......was a real stock car I vintage raced for a while, but I converted it back to a street car and some one else is now enjoying it....should of kept it!!!
  8. flyingfarley

    1965 Plymouth 2% A/FX cars

    I always thought they used a different leaf spring in the rear to move the rear wheels ahead an inch or two.
  9. flyingfarley

    My next project 65 AWB car

    I believe all the factory 12 were built off of an A990 car supplied by Chrysler which would of been white/tan...but those bodies were not used...the actual cars were built off a non-finished body shell off the assy line with the engine/trans/ rear end/suspension/ interior from the A990 car...
  10. flyingfarley

    65 AWB A/FX build

    Jim Schild put out an Authenticity Guide 1965 Dodge and Plymouth Altered Wheelbase Hemi Hardtops....I don't know if is still available...I got one in 2013 from Jim when i was building my 65 Dodge AWB...very good information...covers the history and every little detail of the factory build cars...
  11. flyingfarley

    65 B Body Doors

    64-65 B-body doors interchange...I have 64 doors on my 65...getting hard to find...good luck
  12. flyingfarley

    My 64 Max -Wedge Build

    Find an old hardware store...or an old tractor place...one thats been there forever...they should have those old style clips...they should come in left and right....good luck...
  13. flyingfarley

    early B body trans cable

    I agree with DVW....easier the first time to remove the pan...It is much less frustrating...
  14. flyingfarley

    Let's see some engine shots !

    325 dodge hemi going in my model A street rod project, and a 440 in my 65 Coronet altered wheelbase car
  15. flyingfarley

    My 64 Max -Wedge Build

    Looks fantastic....can't wait to see it in person....keep up the good work... Dad
  16. flyingfarley

    8 3/4 axle shaft removal

    I have always put the brake drum back on with the center nut turned a few turns and used that as a slide hammer....never had a problem getting one out. They made a special tool for doing it but never needed one.
  17. flyingfarley

    tapered axle puller

    I have always done it the way Threewood described.....unbolt the bolts....take out the key in the axle...install back on the axle with the nut turned on a small way, and use the drum as a slide hammer...works every time. You wont wreck anything...these are tuff. parts...if the bearing was...
  18. flyingfarley

    My 64 Max -Wedge Build

    That hood almost looks to "purdy" to paint !!!!!
  19. flyingfarley

    My 64 Max -Wedge Build

    Be sure to update us with pictures throughout the paint process......never too old to learn something.... Thankx
  20. flyingfarley

    Need a Windshield - Any Advice

    Shop around....I just bought one for my 65 Coronet...prices were all over the board. I think most of the new vintage windshields are foreign made...finally found one for 125.00, also bought a new gasket...installed myself...went in perfect. Check with the small glass installers....they seem...