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    WTB 71 SSP wish list.

    ECS tank. Car was 318, now a 440. Don't know if they are different but if they are I need the one for the 440. Need the bracket that goes between the rad support and header panel. It's the piece that has the hood spring on it. My car had an outside hood release. I would like to convert it...
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    WTB 71 rr upper cowl

    Looking for a 71 Plymouth B body upper cowl. Preferably with the push in plastic vent style.
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    WTB 71 SSP upper cowl, or piece

    Been trying to find a whole, correct early 71 cowl with no luck for awhile now. Still willing to buy a whole cowl is its rust free but have begun fixing the corners of mine already. The part that I really don't want to fab is the part in the picture at the driver side a pillar. So if you have...
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    WTB Looking for 71 RR parts.

    Have an 71 SSP I'm looking to get front window trim. Upper cowl. May even consider splicing a piece, mines rotted from the master cylinder to the driver side. A foot of torsion crossmember where it meets the passenger side rocker. Also considering metal dash frame since mine rusted where the...
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    WTB Wanted 71 torsion bar member

    Looking for the torsion bar member of a 71 B body. I really only need about 8 inches from the passenger rocker to patch mine, so if you have one with a rusty drivers side or broken torsion key welds it can still be of use to someone like me. If the price is reasonable I'd happily consider...
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    WTB 71 B body cowl(ply) anyone brining one to Carlisle?

    Im in montgomery county PA looking to buy a 71 plymouth B body cowl. I will be heading to Chryslers at Carlisle. Send a pm if ya got one for sale.