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    WTB 68 Charger jack spring

    Yes Sir was just showing what the part number was out of the parts book and what the spring associated with that number looked like. Very familiar with Megaparts as I have ordered from them for my 68 Charger back on the road project. Thank you
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    WTB 68 Charger jack spring

    Factory parts book shows 2602722 for the spring for 68 Charger. When I searched google for nos spring this is what it shows
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    WTB 68 Charger jack spring

    Looking for the spring that holds the jack in place in the trunk. Thank you.
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    WTB 68 Charger Instrument bezel rear defroster plug/blank cover

    Looking to purchase a 68 charger rear defroster plug/blank cover. Looking for a unrestored original. Thank you
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    WTB Found what I needed. Thank you

    Looking to buy the pointer for my shift indicator for auto on the column. 68 Charger Thank you Founds
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    WTB 68 Charger A/C engine bay parts

    Thank you I really need the hoses and lines the most. I have the compressor and all the under dash components. Someone cut all the lines and hoses off the car
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    WTB 68 Charger A/C engine bay parts

    My apologies. It’s a 440 with a 26” radiator
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    WTB 68 Charger A/C engine bay parts

    Looking for under hood A/C parts for my 68 Charger. I need the lines,condenser,drier etc. I have the compressor. Thank you
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    WTB WTB 68 Charger AM Radio Bezel

    Wanting to purchase AM 68 Charger radio bezel. Picture is for reference only. Thank you
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    WTB Buddy seat fasteners 68 Charger

    looking to purchase the correct fasteners for 68 Charger Buddy seat. There are two on the front lower and two on the lower sides. Also looking for the attachment fasteners of the upper part. I have attached pictures for reference not sure if the upper chrome fastener is correct. Any help...
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    WTB Used 68 Charger bucket seat covers

    It’s a long shot but I’m looking for a set of used red 68 bucket seat covers. No headrests Trying to keep the interior unrestored. Thank you