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    8mm plug wires in factory holders / retainers ???

    After ordering Denso 7mm "direct fit" plug wires and seeing how poorly they fit, I returned them and got a set of MSD wires that will allow me to make them the lengths I want, but they are 8mm. Is it just a matter of trimming the plastic retainers on the factory wire holders to allow the 8mm to...
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    Connecting new Denso alternator

    Good morning, I decided to upgrade my alternator during the reassembly process of my 1969 Sport Satellite, 440, 4spd. I ordered a new AC Delco “Chrysler Family” 90 amp NipponDenso alternator from Rock Auto ($131). It fits great after trimming 1/4” off of the original cast alternator bracket...
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    Everything powered when key turned to left???

    I got all my wiring in place and connected today in my 1969 Sport Satellite and hooked it up to a battery! Most things worked, some didn’t (biggest concern was the 3 speed wiper switch acting temperamental and not consistent in operation)....but one thing that jumped out at me is that when I...
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    Thinking ahead.....adding a tachometer

    I am thinking I may want to add a tachometer at some point. My dash is in the car, but still tilted downward and I can reach and work behind it if needed, so I am thinking now is the best time to prepare wires for a tachometer. If I understand correctly, an aftermarket tach will need 4...
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    Where does trunk bulb socket attach?

    Good morning, sitting here scratching my head because I can’t figure out where the trunk light socket attaches. I know what general area because of the switch...... I should have taken more pics when disassembling! Any help?
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    Help needed with instrument panel harness

    Can anyone help me identify these instrument panel wires from a 1969 Sport Satellite with AC. I have the harness layed out on my work bench and some of the tags either fell off or I didn’t mark to begin with a year ago when I took it apart. Any help would be appreciated! black wire with a...