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  1. 69 Charger Mark

    PST Vs Firm Feel - Torsion Bars

    Thanks for the tip on 10% discount. I think I know how I'm going to proceed.
  2. 69 Charger Mark

    PST Vs Firm Feel - Torsion Bars

    Getting ready to rebuild the front end on my 69 Charger, 440 magnum and will replace the torsion bars. I was looking at $275 for PST 1.03 or $375 for Firm Feel's 1.00. Anyone had any experience with either of these?. Trying to get away from land yacht float to something a little tighter. I'll...
  3. 69 Charger Mark

    Steering wheel center.

    I had the same issue on my 69 Charger after I rebuilt the front end. The steering wheel only goes on one way on mine. Not sure about yours. I made the the front end guys realign the car after I put the wheel in the correct location. They were not overly thrilled about having to do the job a...