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  1. Belchfire 5000

    Who sells the "correct" Vertical Quarter Window Seals for 67 Charger?

    I bought mine from Steele and they are close but not quite right either. No chance they will fall out but it's impossible to roll up the door window with the quarter window closed.
  2. Belchfire 5000

    AC compressor

    CVF Racing has brackets also.
  3. Belchfire 5000

    Water leak in cowl

    also check the gaskets at the windshield wiper pivots , they can fail.
  4. Belchfire 5000

    electronic gauges Charger converstion

    As a life long land surveyor that has used survey quality GPS from the start I can assure you that is not anywhere near as accurate as a calibrated speedo. Companies claim all kinds of accuracy that is not even close. And remembering you have to have a line of sight to the satellites they are...
  5. Belchfire 5000

    Retrosound radio and EL lighting?

    Didn't have any brackets like yours and the instructions didn't show any.
  6. Belchfire 5000

    Retrosound radio and EL lighting?

    The only adjustments mine had were for the knobs, nothing for the buttons or display.
  7. Belchfire 5000

    Retrosound radio and EL lighting?

    Sorry for the lousy photos but the sun and reflections weren't helping. You can see the chrome strip above the display that should be behind the top of the cut out. Since the display and buttons are add on pieces to the radio unit there may be a way to fab another bracket or drill and tap...
  8. Belchfire 5000

    TRW power steering pump for 440 wanted

    You might consider this: Bracakets are available elsewhere on their site: https://www.cvfracing.com/saginaw-p-series-power-steering-pump- 5-8-keyway-shaft-black/ I have purchased an alternator bracket set for my 383 and they are great. Haven't purchased anything else though.
  9. Belchfire 5000

    Retrosound radio and EL lighting?

    I have the Motor 2 unit, the Technophonic amp and the R-TB8 speakers that I bought through Crutchfield. The problem with the radio is that the display and the buttons are separate pieces and they are a little too close together for the holes in the dash. It can still be installed easily but I...
  10. Belchfire 5000

    Retrosound radio and EL lighting?

    I have the Retrosound and the backlighting can be set for many colors including several shades of green. Not exactly like the EL but only you would know the difference. The one I got didn't exactly fit the opening but it's close.
  11. Belchfire 5000

    Little Education Needed

    On Fleabay there is a compete tail light assembly for $600 and a NOS lens for $2000. It's a good source to see what parts might be worth factoring in the seller is trying to make a profit.
  12. Belchfire 5000

    New Website

    Doesn't seem to be coming up. Looking forward to seeing it though.
  13. Belchfire 5000

    1967 Dodge Charger Center medallion in the grill

    It isn't painted, it's solid red plastic that fades out.
  14. Belchfire 5000

    1967 Dodge Charger Center medallion in the grill

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/372642840017?fits=Year:1966|Model:Charger|Make:Dodge&epid=26005028779&hash=item56c33e7dd1:g:QFgAAOSwGvhUDfkN I bought their trunk emblem and it was pretty nice, but pricey.
  15. Belchfire 5000

    1966 Dodge Charger for sale on fleabay

    Check this link out for a history of the Frank/Travco beasts, very interesting: Frank/Travco – Tin Can Tourists
  16. Belchfire 5000

    1966 Dodge Charger for sale on fleabay

    Not bad but the rich and famous will be driving this: It's for sale on Craigslist in Tennessee for 8K. It has a 318 while the Charger has a 361.
  17. Belchfire 5000

    Another IBM card question

    Jim, That's perfect, thanks so much! Evan
  18. Belchfire 5000

    Another IBM card question

    I'm trying to recreate my illegible IBM card for my 66 Charger. I'm using MoparRobTx card as a base but I can't read some of the text and numbers. If anybody has one and can tell me what text is in rows 48, 56, 58 & 62 (black arrows) and what the small numbers at the top are (red arrows) are it...
  19. Belchfire 5000

    What the heck??!!??

    Saw this on the interweb today. Pretty scary....
  20. Belchfire 5000

    Dashboard lights

    1966 Dodge Charger Hood Release Handle W/Cable | eBay Here is a used one with the works...