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  1. J

    Factory Tach accuracy

    The real time tach kit is a winner, my factory tach was way off, installed the RT insert and it is dead nuts on the money. MSD Magnetic pickup distributor and Rev-n-nator controller. The sticking issue could be another problem on top though.
  2. J

    71 air grabber

  3. J

    71 air grabber

    I recently fitted some to my 71 charger, used the slide on gel but water with a touch of dish wash liquid will be fine. I wouldn't try it dry.
  4. J

    71 Charger R / T hood emblem location?

    The rear most hole is in line with the rear edge of the opening on the ramcharger hood.
  5. J

    71 R/T tail lights

    Great, thanks for the info. The car came with black lamps (maybe they have been painted) but I bought a pair of complete argent tri color lamps NOS quite a while ago. Never been on a car. I actually prefer the black.
  6. J

    71 R/T tail lights

    I have two sets of tail lights for my 71, one in black and one in argent, both in superb condition. The car came with colored bumpers, which set is correct.
  7. J

    17x8 wheel

    3 1/2 will be marginal on the back. You really want 4 to 4.5 BS on an 8" rim - 4.25" is what I have. A 275/50r17 is around 11" wide, on my 71 the inner lip is around 5.75" to 6" from the drum (depending which side you measure), with a 3.5" BS that will put the outside of the tire at 6.5" from...
  8. J

    71 Charger ramcharger hood with rpm intake

    Any info out there on guys doing this?
  9. J

    Air Grabber ??

    OK, I bought a 71 fresh air hood in 2016 and shortly after AMD said they had them in the pipe line (72). Early this year they had them on their site as available and had pictures of them, but have since been removed.
  10. J

    Air Grabber ??

    AMD did show an air hood for the 71-74 Charger but it is no longer on their site, only the bulge hood with no cut out, anyone know the deal on that.
  11. J

    sneakers for '71 R/T

    I have the year one rallye wheels in an 8x17, they have a 4.25" back spacing and using a 255/50 tire, they fit with 1.5" of clearance to the factory HD springs with plenty of room to the 1/4 panel. I am considering going to the 9" rim that have a 5" back space and some 305/45r17 Mickey Thompson...
  12. J

    N96 hood clearance

    Has anyone fitted a fresh air hood to a 71 Charger 440 4bbl with a higher than stock manifold, if so what did you need to do and what was your set up.
  13. J

    71 Charger front frame rails

    Thanks for your help on this I will contact them and get their take on it, I was pretty sure they were the same but I don't know anyone who has fitted an aftermarket rail to a B body.
  14. J

    71 Charger front frame rails

    That was what I though, AMD says there is a difference but didn't say what.
  15. J

    71 Charger front frame rails

    Can someone tell me the difference if any between the E body and B body front frame rails. I see that AMD 391-1570-R is listed for an E body but not a B body.