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    Phoenix AZ radiator shop ?

    Performance Radiator has always done right by me
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    Does anyone make a good heater control valve

    I needed one on my ‘69 sport satellite ....I called Joe at www.heater valves.net and he had an original Ranco valve on hand. He rebuilt and shipped it to me......the price wasn’t the cheapest, but what is on these cars? I now have a rebuilt good quality copper/brass valve that fits as it...
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    Powder coating dash

    Cudachick, those look great! I thought $80 did seem on the cheap side as well and I know they old adage of “you get what you pay for” largely holds true, however, they media blasted and coated my entire car at the start of this endeavor and later the K member, and I thought their work was...
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    Powder coating dash

    Yes, I get so caught up in what I am working I forget to mention.....1969 Sport Satellite with A/C. The two outside vents are metal with the exception of the plastic flapper on the back side that allows you to shut air flow off. I realize these would need to come off before going in the oven...
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    Powder coating dash

    I am in the process of restoring my dash and am thinking of sending my dash frame out to be blasted and powder coated in a matte black finish. I think it will be a good durable finish. I would like to also have the ac vents and ash tray door powder coated to match. My question is do these ac...
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    Ford Contour electric fans

    The Contour fans worked fine until I added the A/C, then the condenser and extra heat made the setup marginal. On the hottest days, I could only run the A/C for a few minutes before the cooling system temp would get the engine 200+, then shut A/C off and the engine would cool back down...
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    Ford Contour electric fans

    I was all excited about setting up my ford Contour fan and new Cold Case radiator but reading this post has me now doubting. The Contour fan comes out of a V6 motor, but is rated to move 3500 cfm......this still seems like a lot of air! For comparison, the spal 16” moves 2040 cfm. I would...
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    Ford Contour electric fans

    I just purchased a NOS Genuine Ford Contour set up and it looks exactly the same....like one cover is missing! It must just be a ford thing.
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    Advice needed for choosing Replacement Radiator (70 Coronet R/T)

    Although I have not purchased one yet, I was planning on trying a cold case rad...... prices are reasonable (discount to members), they are a sponsors here, and I like the fact they use 1.25” cores. Like I said, I don’t have personal experience with their product yet, but from what I have read...