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    Measuring for new driveshaft

    If I understand your question, you measure from the end of the tailshaft to the bottom of the U-joint sadel. The seal doesn't matter.
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    1971 Dodge Charger SE 727 Transmission Mount/Year Engine Support?

    Have tried Brewers? And yes you do need a transmission mount. What happened to the one that was there when you pulled the engine and transmission. Look here http://www.brewersperformance.com/products.php?cat=26
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    New Austin Residents Attack Car Meets

    Ya Illinois is leftist central.
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    Precious Metals

    At the rate the government is printing new money, it will all be worthless. I remember when I was stationed in Germany and we went on a trip to Italy. I exchanged a couple hundred dollars into lira. I had over one million and thought "cool I'm a millionaire" Then I bought a soft drink and it...
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    Precious Metals

    The keys to my Roadrunner are precious metal.
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    New Austin Residents Attack Car Meets

    See this is just more evidence that california is raising sick leftists and exporting them to the rest of the country. I have friends in Nashville that tell me they are now surrounded with california transplants that are trying to get all of the laws changed.
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    440 hp heat riser question

    Wire it open or remove it. With no place for the exhaust gases to go you could burn the exhaust valves
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    This is the Bee's last post

    With years invested in my own restore, I couldn't imagine not reaping the benefits of my time and energy. I will drive it, enjoy it and show it. I don't think I could ever do what you are doing. I do understand, I just couldn't do it.
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    Free 5.9 with rod knock

    To the best of my knowledge there is no one bad rod. If you are going in it why not go all the way and rebuild it?
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    Oh boy I can’t believe I’m letting her do it!

    Ooof, I'm building one of those, is it that bad?
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    Oh boy I can’t believe I’m letting her do it!

    Wow! Getting all that weight off the car may give you a little better gas mileage LOL
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    Went back to a carb

    I was considering EFI, but for me I don't get the same feeling when I see an old muscle car with EFI or a new Hemi. There's nothing better than opening a hood and seeing 3 2's or 2 4's sitting on top a big block. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with resto mods, they're just not the same...
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    Coupe or Hardtop?

    Hey Jerry, but the VIN says it's a Dodge.
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    Coupe or Hardtop?

    Just for shits and grins, post the VIN please.
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    Coupe or Hardtop?

    This is not the car for you. There are too many inconsistencies. It is easy to transfer a VIN during restore when the dash is out. It will be interesting to hear what the VIN codes from the Radiator support and trunk gutter. I would suspect in VIN is from a totaled car and the actual car is...
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    1969 Roadrunner project

    Ya, let us know how it turns out.
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    Intake installation...troubles

    On an RB the valley pan is the gasket, I think it is the same on a B engine.
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    1969 Roadrunner project

    It reads from the bottom up. This is what I found e63 383 cid 4 barrel V8 H.P. 335hp d21 4 speed manual rm21 Road runner Medium price 2dr coupe h9g H 383 330 or 335 9 1969 G built in St. Louis y2 y2 m2x M Medium 2 Vinyl Bench x Black x9 Upper Door Frame: Unknown At This Time 612 b51 69-71...
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    1970 383 HP Timing Cover Question

    I'd put a wingnut on the back carb. That 5 pounder is just added weight on the dragstrip. :lol: