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    Cope Racing Transmissions

    Well, I am going to try to keep this short as I can and not write much about my ordeal with Cope Racing Transmissions but, I had issues with both of my transmissions he did for my one car. I took the car to his shop in Lowell because I wanted to ensure everything was done right. The car was a...
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    Cope Racing Transmissions

    I wouldn't use him. I had a very bad experience as well.
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    SOLD 1972 Charger Rallye 440 U-code

    Just wanted to add a couple of things. I will put in a good word for Jeff here. I owned one of his old cars and he was great to deal with as far as questions and misc items was concerned. If I had 15k and my health was better I would definitely figure a way to buy his car. GLWS. This one should...
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    FOR SALE 68-69 Dodge Coronet Parking Light Gasket Set

    Hello everyone, I have a new in the package parking light gasket set from Detroit Muscle Technologies that I never used. Will work on 68-69 Dodge Coronets. Looking to get $10 shipped in the USA. Item is located near Kokomo, IN. Thank you.
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    SOLD 68 Coronet 2 door

    Sold! Thank you.
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    General Questions

    Hello, guys I am back with a few questions. That being said I am trying to sell my 68 Coronet and on my consideration list is a 78-79 Magnum for something as more daily driver friendly (my car has 4 wheel drums and manual steering and no A/C). That being said I am wondering how the fuel economy...
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    SOLD 68 Coronet 2 door

    Thanks tallhair. It is a great car to drive other than the mentioned things. Trunk pan has some rust that I will post pictures. Not bad but, I've seen much worse. I got one other trade option I am considering. May post that later depending on what I find out. Thank you again.
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    SOLD 68 Coronet 2 door

    Thank you everyone so far. Here is a link to some slightly better pictures. Need to add more. http://s328.photobucket.com/user/redx79/library/#/user/redx79/library/1968%20Dodge%20Coronet%20For%20Sale?sort=3&page=1&_suid=137262178943107393608071500297
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    SOLD 68 Coronet 2 door

    Sorry, I have been slacking here. Okay some people asked about more information. Here's what I know from the receipts and talking with the previous owners. The car was a special order no thrills Coronet 440 hardtop with a 318 with manual steering, manual drum brakes, SS1 (Yellow), White Top, and...
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    FOR SALE 1969 Dodge Coronet for sale

    Looks like a nice car and really cheap. I'm assuming from what I can see this has the tubs in the back? $6500 seems like a steal.
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    SOLD 68 Coronet 2 door

    Thanks for the replies everyone. At this point is still for sale and if anyone is interested. Please let me know. I will note it is a column shift bench car and the seat covers were done about 6 years ago. Has a 150 mph GTX bar speedometer that has been rebuilt/recalibrated and the amp gauge to...
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    SOLD 68 Coronet 2 door

    Just listing this here to see if some interest can be generated. I have it listed for $8k but, would like to get $7500. Located 20 miles south of Kokomo, IN. Thank you. http://kokomo.craigslist.org/cto/3841446670.html
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    WTT: 68 Coronet for 78/79 LRE truck

    Hello guys just some more pictures. I will have more soon once I clean the car up better. FWI, the vinyl top is original to the car and only repaint from the history I have on the car.
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    SOLD 1963 Dodge 440 2 door HT for sale..again.

    Hey red sorry hear about your wife and to sorry to hear that you will sell the car. In defense of Red63440 I see where is coming from. Sure the car is 90% complete but, to complete it will take more time and money than he can fetch. The sale of the car would help him/his wife any current/ future...
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    WTT: 68 Coronet for 78/79 LRE truck

    Hmmm I have no problem maybe I need to change the settings on photobucket. Great car just really those trucks and more of a truck guy. - - - Updated - - - Hey Red thank you for the link. I already talked with the seller. He has a deal worked out at this point. So, I am putting this out...
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    WTT: 68 Coronet for 78/79 LRE truck

    To all, Hello and good day. I am thinking of getting rid of my 68 Coronet for a 78/79 LRT. It is 440 trim line with a mild built high mileage 318 that has good compression and runs great which is original to the car. The car is a bench seat column shift car with manual brakes and manual...
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    Little ól 273, what kind of power?

    I hope that 273 runs good for you. I would suggest a 3.23 gear with that 3.31stroke crankshaft.
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    SOLD '72 Petty Blue Ralley Charger

    Too bad I missed it by a few months. We have 68 Coronet small block but, I have been sort of wanting a 71-72 B-Body with a big block. But, now just had to get the 904 rebuilt in the 68 Coronet so, we don't know.
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    68 Coronet Fender Signal ?

    Just wondering if the ones on a 68 Coronet 440 are the same a 68 Barracuda? Also, is there any other applications that would have the same ones? Thank you in advance.